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What is Weighted Clothing? A Short Guide

Any exercise that involves weight is guaranteed to enhance your body one way or another, especially in terms of anything related to strength. Weight exercise provides a boost in muscle strength and capabilities, among many other advantages, which is why many athletes incorporate them into their training.

Nowadays, weighted exercises have evolved into something more complex. One does not simply do 200-pound bench presses in the gym like how it was in the 90’s when bulking up was the trend among men. Today, such exercises are supplemented by conditioning and cardiovascular training to ensure a more holistic development of the body.

For more efficiency, weighted exercises today are worn like regular clothes. But the best part is that it can help you shoot two birds with one stone. Indeed, as you do your regular cardio workout (like going for a moderately-paced jog), adding weighted clothing can take it to the next level.

There are many other benefits of using weighted clothing for working out, and these are what we will be delving into in this article.

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Why Go for Weighted Clothing

Apart from the efficiency that weighted clothing gives to your workout, it is also very practical. Your movements are not hindered despite the added weight.  This enables you to perform the same regular exercise tasks as normal.

In terms of the specific other exercises or relatively strenuous activities that you can do with weighted clothes, there is swimming, running, boxing and other martial arts that involve strikes, and even some bodyweight exercises as well. It is a good supplement that could also help make your workout a lot more challenging and enjoyable.

What Are the Types of Weighted Clothing and How Are They Used?

Each body part has a specific function, which means that they should be treated accordingly. When running, it is obviously advisable to avoid straining your knees, so the proper weighted clothes should be used.

Weighted Vest

Picture of a Training Weighted Vest

The weighted vest is primarily used to strengthen the upper body, specifically. This can be best used while running as a form of resistance training, and even non-athletic yet high-energy activities such as dancing can be performed as well.

The use of a weighted vest can help increase the heart rate, which is a great benefit for cardiovascular exercise. A weighted vest can also make working out exciting for those who are simply bored with their workouts.

Weighted Gloves

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Similar to the weighted vest, weighted gloves are also suitable for upper body training. This time around, the muscles on the arms are the ones that are mainly being worked on.

Weighted gloves are a favorite piece of training equipment for athletes such as boxers and mixed martial arts fighters, as it can greatly supplement their striking exercises. Not only will they be able to throw a quick one-two combo, but the power of it is also increased due to the muscles on the arms that are being constantly strengthened.

This piece of equipment can also be used for lower impact workouts such as Pilates and yoga, both of which rely on many bodyweight exercises. For these kinds of activities, you would want to protect your hands and wrists from too much strain. To do so, you would want to strengthen your hand muscles, which can be done with the help of weighted gloves.

Weighted Belts

Best Weighted Belt, Shorts, Pants Intro ImageFor those who tend to be more conscious about their figure, the weighted belt would likely be their best friend. How so? It targets the one area of the body which many people, mostly women, are most particular about: the waistline.

But while the waist is the primary target of this contraption, other parts of the body indirectly benefit as well. Just having that added weight as you walk already provides enough resistance to get your muscles working double-time. Before you know it, you will feel like you have just gone through a full-body workout in the gym.

Weighted belts are very versatile and easy to use, and are usually fastened and loosened via Velcro. Many people prefer weighted belts over vests, since it involves less hindrance of the body to certain movements.

Ankle Weights

The ankle and foot are two of the most used parts of the body. Day in and day out, it does most of the work for walking, standing up, and running. More stress is added to them for athletes such as ballplayers, martial artists, and runners.

With that in consideration, the ankles must also be strengthened at all times. This can be done through the use of ankle weights. It is not very intrusive such as other weights since it only covers a small portion of the body.

Since the idea is to avoid injury, ankle weights rightfully are not advisable for running. However, it can work best with leg raises and slow kicking drills, just enough to add a little tension to the activity.


You may be hindered to use a weighted vest upon thinking that it could be a bit too pricey. While it is true on a certain level, there will always be a solution to any problem.

But first and foremost, you must consult a physician before engaging in this kind of activity, or any activity that involves putting pressure on the body. Once you get the information you need, you can look at some intro vests that you can start with.  Weighted clothing is an innovative exercising tool that can boost the abilities of just about any user.

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