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Best Power Plate Models Ranked & Reviewed [My7, My5, My3, & More]

If you have been searching for a way to lose weight and get stronger in a short period of time, then a Power Plate might be the answer. By using their proprietary PrecisionWave technology, Power Plate offers the most useful and efficient vibration system on the market. With just 15 minutes a day, you can get a total body workout that torches fat and builds muscle.

Power Plate machines work so well because the PrecisionWave Technology sends multi-directional vibrations 25-50 times a second. It is enough vibration to get a great workout without feeling like you are in an earthquake. These vibrations activate your muscles in a way that working out on the ground cannot. You get to work your core and stabilizing muscles while exercising other body parts. This will strengthen all your muscle groups and improve your balance and flexibility. Power Plate machines also speed recovery from workouts, injuries, and accidents because the vibration activates the lymphatic drainage system.

Now that you know you want to get fit using a Power Plate, how do you know which model is the best for you? Let’s take a closer look at the 10 models Power Plate offers so you can make the best choice.

For the Home

Power Plate My7The Ultimate

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The Power Plate My7 is the ultimate model if you are looking for a machine that does everything. If you are unsure of what exercises to do or how to perform them, then the My7 has you covered. The Power Plate My7 comes with a touch screen computer programmed with 250 workouts and over 1000 exercises. You can watch videos of each exercise and then customize the workouts to your fitness level. The My7 also comes with Power Plate’s proMotion dynamic cables embedded into the machine. These cables can be used to strengthen your whole body without lugging heavy weights around. The My7 is the biggest of all the home models, with a large plate (33 in x 29 in) to give you the best workout. But don’t worry, it’s not so big that it will become the focal point of a room. The cables and accessories are easily stored away, taking up less space than multiple weights, mats, and other fitness accessories.


Power Plate My5 – The Middle of the Road

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The Power Plate My5 provides a full body workout with the convenience of a column, a timer, and multiple settings. If you are unsure of what frequency to set the vibrations on, the My5 has three frequency options, so you can adjust according to your needs. The Power Plate My5 also comes with a remote control to adjust the machine to the correct position for each exercise. There are pre-programmed quick-start buttons, so you do not have to worry about taking 15 minutes just to get ready to workout. Just press the buttons and go! The My5 may be smaller than the My7 but it has a higher maximum load, so it is perfect for all shapes and sizes. The platform comes in at 27 in x 28 in, so it will not take up too much space in your house. Its sleek, silver design also makes an elegant addition to any home gym.


Power Plate My3 – The Basic

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The My3 from Power Plate offers the most economic version of the Power Plate home models but still includes a column and a screen for ease of use. If you have a small living space or simply do not want a machine taking up too much room, then this model is for you. The My3 provides the same PrecisionWave technology of the other Power Plate models, just with a smaller footprint. The 25 in x 17 in platform wastes no space while still providing a solid foundation for all of your workouts. This model boasts only one frequency but you can still adjust the energy output. There is no confusion when it is time to work out, either. The user-friendly design is made for those who want to get in and get out. There are not a bunch of screens or buttons to sort through. The My3 also comes with an exercise poster and DVD for references when creating your own workouts.


Personal Power Plate – The Portable

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Consider the Personal Power Plate if you just do not have the room or money for a full Power Plate machine. This model does not have a column or a screen. Instead, it is just the vibrating platform, perfect for storage and travel. In fact, the Personal Power Plate comes with a travel case, so you can bring it wherever life leads you. The Personal Power Plate is also great for those who want to work on their balancing skills. Without the column, there is more room to get creative with exercises, especially those that require laying on the machine, like abdominal exercises. A remote control is provided to adjust the machine as needed. The platform is an efficient 27.5 in x 18.7 in, giving you plenty of room to use but without taking up too much space. The Personal Power Plate also only weighs 40.4 pounds but can handle a maximum load of 264 pounds.


 For the Gym

Power Plate pro7 – The Dream

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The Power Plate pro7 is a gym owner’s dream. The touchscreen offers multiple workout options, almost like having a personal trainer on a computer. The Functional Interactive Training (F.I.T.) software will take clients through the entire process of using the Power Plate machine so they can achieve maximum results. The sweat resistant display is also perfect for multiple uses day in and day out. The massive 38 in x 37 in platform can accommodate any exercise your clients can think of. The maximum load is an impressive 410 pounds, so just about any client can safely use this machine. There are multiple time selections, frequency settings, energy outputs, and G-Factor settings. The proMotion embedded cables have a seven-position tension adjustment. There are also modular attachment options for the cables, so your clients can get creative with their resistance workouts. The pro7 also has STAX technology – yet another feature that makes it a great vibration machine. This advanced stabilization and compensation system will give peace of mind to new users who may feel unstable on the machine.


Power Plate pro5 – The Original

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The Power Plate pro5 is perfect for any gym that does not need all the bells and whistles of the pro7. The large 34 in x 37 in platform has a maximum load of 400 pounds which will meet the needs of almost all clients. The pro5 does not include the proMotion cables so clients can easily use any bands or weights of their choice. A DVD and exercise poster are included if you want to post examples of exercises near the machines to help clients customize their workouts. The frequency settings are ideal for a variety of fitness levels, ranging from 25 – 50Hz and can be adjusted in 1Hz increments. There are timers and an easy to use display to help clients move through their workout quickly and efficiently. Client can select from 30, 45, or 60 second intervals. This will give them the chance to work their entire body in 15 minutes, freeing up the machine for other users.


Power Plate pro5HP – The Elite TrainerPicture for the Power Plate pro5HP Review

The Power Plate pro5HP is designed for athletes who want to take their training to the next level. This portable unit only comes with a platform, freeing the client from the column. Instead, they can use their own equipment like squat racks and benches to customize each session to their fitness level. Heavier weights can be used because the pro5HP has a maximum load of 500 pounds. The platform is 38 in x 37 in, offering plenty of room for squats, lunges, push ups, and abdominal work. The pro5HP comes with an optional travel case if you need to bring the unit to different gyms for multiple clients. Each unit also comes with a remote control to adjust settings while on the go. Your client can be working out and realize the frequency needs to be adjusted. This can be done with the remote without the client stopping his workout. The frequency range of the pro5HP starts at 25 and goes up to 50 in 1 Hz increments.


Power Plate pro6+ – The Groupie

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If you want to capitalize on the popularity of group classes, then the Power Plate pro6+ is perfect for your gym. Designed to be used in an instructor led, group setting, this model offers all the great features of the top Power Plate models. Each machine comes with 4.3” touch screen monitor so clients can easily follow the instructions from the leader or make their own settings if they need to adjust according to their fitness needs. The platform of the pro6+ is 38 in x 37 in and can hold a maximum load of 500 pounds. This model is perfect for welcoming clients of all shapes and sizes to class. The time selections also go up to 10 minutes on this model, letting clients get the most out of each session. The frequencies can be increased 3Hz at a time, beginning at 30Hz and going up to 39Hz.


For the Clinic

Power Plate pro7HC – The Medical

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The Power Plate pro7HC is designed with patients who need to recover from accidents, injuries, or illnesses. The pro7HC has been specifically designed for medical and treatment facilities with a built-in heart rate monitor, embedded proMotion cables, and range of motion tracking. Patients can get a complete workout using a full range of motion without using any other equipment. The LCD monitor provides programs for a variety of medical conditions including neurological health and pain relief. The platform is a generous 38 in x 37 in and has a maximum load of 500 pounds, so all patients can use the machine. The pro7HC also has 8 vibration settings with a whopping 27 sublevels of intensity. The frequency can also be adjusted in 1Hz increments from 25 – 50Hz. If clients feel unsteady on the machine, there is no need to worry. The platform has a stabilization system in place to compensate for any movement.


For the Workplace

Power Plate FitStop – The User Friendly

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If you are an employer, bringing the FitStop into work can revolutionize your workplace. Quick, efficient workouts or stretch breaks can increase productivity and the health of all employees, regardless of age or ability. The FitStop was created with multiple users in mind, so it is perfect for any office. Short workouts are programmed into the FitStop and are designed to be performed in work clothes, so there is no need for your cube mate to bring gym clothes into the office. There are four settings on the FitStop – Rejuvenation, Focused Relaxation, Cardio Boost and QuickStop. These meet a variety of needs and help resolve common complaints of those who work desk jobs like stiff joints, sore limbs, and tiredness. With just two sessions a day, employees can stretch and move to relieve pain and wake themselves up. The QuickStop comes equipped with two proMOTION cables that will help your employees strengthen and stretch without taking too much time away from their desk.


Wrapping It Up

Power Plate offers a great variety of products to meet every consumer’s need. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or speed up recovery time, there is a Power Plate model and program for you. Each machine offers a unique benefit and can be used at home, at the gym, and even at the office. They even have a medical grade machine for therapeutic treatment! With 15 years in the industry, you can trust the quality of these machines. Each model will provide a quick, efficient, safe workout for every fitness level. The benefits of power plate machines have been studied and the results showed that they can be used for everyone, from a sedentary couch potato to an elite athlete. (insert link here)

Keep in the mind your size and budget needs before you purchase. Several models are compact and portable, so you can find something for smaller spaces or if you need to workout in different locations. Each model will utilize the PrecisionWave technology that gives off the perfect amount of vibration to activate muscles and circulation. You only need to decide if you want added features like remotes, proMotion cables, touchscreens or computers. It is a win-win situation. All you have to do is choose your model, work out, and see results in a flash!



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