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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review For 2019: Is LBB Legit?

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The Lean Belly Breakthrough is marketed as the fastest, most efficient way for people to lose weight. But many people want to know, how does this really work? Is just hype, or a real solution to weight loss?

Over the past 30 days, we’ve been hard at work testing out the Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce Krahn. If you know BestHealthGear, you’re aware of how deeply we review everything! Nothing gets past us, so we decided to write a complete one-stop review guide to this new program.

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What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough?

This is a program created by Bruce Krahn for men and women over thirty to help lessen belly fats fast. It consists of 2-minute videos and a pdf-formatted book that can be read on a daily basis. It is a gradual plan created to aid you to burn at least a pound of belly fat without going to the gym all the time or starving yourself.

The primary goal of LBB is to take a reasonable approach to weight loss, anchored by principles of healthy living and exercise. For this reason, we decided to work on our own lean belly breakthrough reviews.

Not only can this program help you reduce your belly fat, but it also decreases the chances of getting serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. All of these alignments are widespread and deadly to us. The use of drugs or any other chemicals is not encouraged to help maintain a natural lifestyle.

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There are different solutions for men and women. Choose the one that’s right for you!

How Does It Work?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough is actually a step-by-step process. Everything inside the package can be read easily and done correctly if understood correctly. On that note, the Lean Belly Breakthrough is not like any other usual diet plan. It helps you get rid of the unhealthy routine and substitutes it with healthy ones. It directs you to eat on the right schedule, every couple of hours, and makes you want to eat less but just the right amount. Here are the three key success factors for LBB:

Success Factor #1: N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

What is this N.E.A.T. really all about? Well, it is more of an approach without where you can easily lose those belly fat away without having the need of exercising. It deals more with living actively – like walking instead of riding a vehicle, using the stairs instead of the elevators, and many more. According to Dr. Travis Stork, exercising for 30 minutes every day is okay but walking on a regular basis is even much better. 

Success Factor #2: 2 Minute Ritual Videos

Included in the package are five 2-minute exercises you can actually do. Great isn’t it? No need to worry about pushing your body too hard with lengthy exercise routines. What’s even better is that these exercises won’t accumulate much of your time every day. Approximately 10 minutes is all you need and you are good to go!

Success Factor #3: Meal Plan and List of Food

Aside from the exercise videos, it also contains some meal plan and which foods you are allowed to and not allowed to eat. Oh, one more thing! It also has a recipe that can help you make healthier meals. All in all, this Lean Belly Breakthrough is really spoon-feeding a healthy lifestyle to every man and woman. From meals plans to recipes, you can never go wrong with LBB!

Lean Belly Breakthrough Lead Image!

Reasons to love the Lean Belly Breakthrough

This is always the top question whenever we want to purchase a product: if I buy it, what how will I benefit from it? No worries! The Lean Belly Breakthrough won’t leave you hanging. There are a lot of things that you can benefit from this program. Remember, this is a product with a promise! It surely won’t disappoint you if you just follow it religiously. Listed below are the benefits of the Lean Belly Breakthrough:

1) Excellent Credibility.

Everything you’ll see in this product is credible and truly effective. Dr. Krahn’s experience speaks for itself (see below). He has dealt with a lot of people who are experiencing health-related problems and a lot of them were truly amazed by the results they got. A fitness specialist will never disappoint the client as long as they follow it correctly.

2) It’s Infectious (in a good way..).

Once you start with the Lean Belly Breakthrough, you’ll realize that improving your diet is both important and not that difficult! Once you start, stopping will be hard since you’ll become more conscious about your physique. Plus, it will help you improve your lifestyle too! You will definitely be more confident in yourself knowing that you are in better shape.

3) It’s Easy to Follow

The instructions to LBB are easy to comprehend and follow. As mentioned earlier, this product is almost spoon-feeding a healthy lifestyle for the buyer. The manual is separated in sections which makes it easier to locate something in case you missed a point.

4) Awesome, Easy Recipes

There are a bunch of recipes that you can create. All are easy to learn from the main course to desserts. You do not need to think about what kind of healthy meal you are going to prepare because of the added recipes.

Picture of Foods Allowed on the Lean Belly Breakthrough

What’s Included In Your Purchase of Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Included in the Lean Belly Breakthrough package are:

  1. A manual to help you get started with the whole program.
  2. Monitoring sheets to keep track of your progress.
  3. A list of all the good foods you can eat—the ones that prevent the production of more belly fat. Included also are the overview of the nutrients these foods will provide.
  4. A list of all the bad foods that shouldn’t be taken. If you want to speed up the process of losing the belly fat, then you might want to cut down these foods. And these can definitely lead to a serious health problem.
  5. Desserts that can be done especially for those who are experiencing imbalances when it comes to their sugar level.
  6. Some information regarding the risk of heart attack or for you to see if you are about to experience it.
  7. A helpful method by Dr. Heindrick on how to reduce belly fats on the different parts of your body.
  8. A justification when it comes to utilizing your sleeping method.
  9. Video exercises for losing the belly fats that can be done in as short as 60 seconds every day.
  10. Methods to follow in losing belly fats and the risk associated with them.

Robert’s Story

Robert, a college professor, was 35 pounds overweight before he tried out this product. He is 51 years old and very concerned about his health because of his age. While searching for a solution to his problem, he bumped into the Lean Belly Breakthrough program. He read all of the reviews. Amazed with the results he read, he ordered right away.

After receiving the product, he started doing what the manual says. He followed the recipes every day, worked out for 2 minutes every day, and cut off all the unnecessary foods listed. Surprisingly, in doing this program for a whole month, he was able to lose 20 pounds. Still overweight by 15 pounds, he is more than ecstatic with the results he gained.

After two months, he lost 9 pounds. Come next month, he’ll definitely lose all the dangling belly fat he’s been worried about for years. The product may have promised that you’ll lose a pound every day but it is okay if you do not see progress right away. As long as you follow the instructions correctly, you’ll definitely see the results by the end of the month. The promise of this product will definitely not disappoint you.

Bruce Kahn: The Creator of LBB

Picture of Bruce Krahn, the creator of LBB
Picture of Dr. Bruce Krahn, the creator of Lean Belly Breakthrough

Dr. Bruce Krahn spent his 26 years working on his academic field, environmental, and even on investment management. For 4 years (2008-2012), he was the director of Deutsche Asset Management. He worked as an investment strategist while also doing an analytical research regarding sustainable investing. Dr. Kahn also served at Citi Smith Barney, where he accomplished a Sustainable Investment case which includes different kinds of sectors—sustainability leaders, agri-business, clean tech, and renewable energy companies. At Columbia University, he was a professor on Earth Institute in the Sustainability Management Program. He even has a Ph.D. in Land Resources at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

His achievements for 26 years in the industry is truly remarkable. Some of his awards are the J. William Fulbright Scholarship and National Science Foundation Fellowship in ecological economics. At 1989-1993, he worked at United States Peace Corps in the Republic of Cameroon. Today, he is still the chairperson at the committee of finance in the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation. He also became a Trustee at the Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation. He once belonged in a Board of Visitors for the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

How Much Does the Lean Belly Breakthrough Cost?

Another thing that most people worry about is the cost of the product they want to purchase. No worries! The Lean Belly Breakthrough can be bought for $37. What’s even more amazing is that, in case the product didn’t work for you, they’ll be very willing to give your payment back. Although it is very rare that this case happens because this product is made by a professional. There is no reason for them to cause trouble since they, too, care about your life. It isn’t just about selling the product but also helping a person in need.

Additional Considerations

The Lean Belly Breakthrough isn’t a holistic, long-term solution to weight loss. This program is created only to help with your weight problems. Although it may encompass some health-related issues, it is better to consider seeing a doctor before anything bad happens to your body.

  • Discipline is Important.

There are times when you might feel like not doing the routine during the day. This is when the occasional skipping happens. And when you continue it, you might reach to the point wherein you want to stop doing the whole routine. This is why it is very important to discipline yourself in doing the program until you reach your goal.

  • LBB Doesn’t Replace Physicians.  

The main concern of the Lean Belly Breakthrough is fitness and to eat healthier. Yes, it can lessen the risks of heart problems or diabetes but it cannot be used as a supplement to other health concerns. You might want to check with your physician for other trepidations. Besides, you are still responsible for your own body. The Lean Belly Breakthrough is only there to help you enhance your lifestyle.

  • It’s a Digital Program.

We now live in a digital world but there are still some who prefer the traditional way of using health programs. This is not really a big problem. You can have someone to assist you in doing it.


Actually, they are all mentioned above already. Included in the package are the free recipes that are easy to make, desserts to help balance your sugar level—just in case you are having some issues on your sugar level, monitoring sheets to keep track of your status, and that’s it.

BestHealthGear Verdict: 5/5 Stars!

Overall, this product deserves a 5/5 rating. Your desired weight is achievable if you just follow the program correctly. There is no reason for you to stop doing it once you have started. Tardiness only delays your progress so it is very important to do it continuously. If you are over thirty years of age and experiencing belly fat problems, it is a good thing to try the Lean Belly Breakthrough. Not only will it enhance your body and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it will also help you let go of your insecurities. You will feel young and invigorated with your newly achieved results! Also, once you see the results, from continuously using the product as instructed, you can recommend it to your friends or family members too. Help yourself achieve a fit body and help others in need too!

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