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Kangaroo Shoes: Do They Work, Research, Benefits, & More

Kangaroo shoes, otherwise known as “jump shoes with springs,” may seem like a ridiculous idea, but you’d be surprised to learn how effective they can be.

Since there are springs in these shoes, they make your movements rather bouncy. The idea is that it lowers the impact on your feet as you move or perform various types of physical activities.

Some of the reputable brand names for these Kangaroo Shoes include Kangoo Jumps, RoadRunner, and XR3. They’re basically like newer versions of the famous Moon Boots. The shoes are versatile, so you can perform any number of activities in them. Some of these activities include PiYo, dancercise, aerobics, jogging, and running.

Don’t be surprised if people stare at you while you’re wearing these shoes in public. Their appearance resembles that of ski boots with an oval spring attached to them. However, they provide several health advantages for when you run or perform other physical exercises.

Shoes like the Kangoo Jumps XR3 are great for helping to rehabilitate athletes. They do this by enhancing their inner strength, realigning their posture correctly, strengthening their cardiovascular health, and strengthening their lymphatic system. Meanwhile, the shoes aid in enhancing your metabolism, endurance, muscle mass, and bone density. As a result, you’ll burn additional calories in order to quickly lose weight. Anyone looking to drop a few pounds fast should think about getting kangaroo shoes.

Runners often deal with joint strain issues. But if you exercise while wearing kangaroo shoes, your joints won’t be impacted as much. This comes in really handy if you’re doing plyometric exercises because they strain your joints more than most other exercises.

Therefore, kangaroo shoes are a good investment to make for your body’s health and well-being.

How Do Kangaroo Shoes Work?

Kangaroo shoes may seem futuristic, but its functionality relies mostly on a spring system. When you take a step, the spring compresses in the shoe and absorbs a lot of the impact that would otherwise be inflicted on your joints. This is how joint strain is reduced.

Kangaroo shoes are quite stable because they have flat soles. In fact, many people reportedly like to hop around in these shoes because of their amazing lateral stability.

Woman wearing kangaroo shoesWhat’s the Research Say About Kangoo Jumps?

After 20 years of studies into the health advantages of wearing kangaroo shoes, it is concluded that they do a good job of reducing strain and damage to the joints. The Swiss Federation Institute of Technology did a study which showed that kangaroo shoes cause a 50% reduction in impact when your foot touches the ground. Another finding in the study is that kangaroo shoes are great for reducing injuries brought on by overtraining or overuse.

A study done in Australia found that kangaroo shoes can lower the impact on the joints of competitive athletes and recreational joggers. Anyone with lower limb injuries can receive rehabilitation assistance from these shoes as well.

The University of Nevada did a study which agreed with these results. They concluded that spring shoes are better at reducing the impact force on the ground than regular shoes.

Are There Any Downsides to Wearing Kangaroo Shoes?

Kangaroo shoes do have a few downsides. For instance, when you first wear them, you may feel discomfort in your foot arch, shoulder, and lower back. This feeling will go away as you get used to wearing the shoes during your exercises. And, of course, there is the awkward appearance of the shoes. If you get easily embarrassed, then you’ll probably want to wear them in gym classes or private training sessions only.

Overall, kangaroo shoes are great for preserving the health of your joints. This makes them worth the investment. Check out our kangoo jumps review here!

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