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Can a Compression Sleeve Really Help With Tendinitis?

Are you suffering from tendinitis and wondering if compression sleeves can help somehow? In this article, we go over the basics of compression sleeves, and why they might be a great option for you.

If you are suffering from tendinitis then you’ve probably been wondering if compression sleeves can aid you in your fight against pain and discomfort. The truth is, compression sleeves are very similar to supports and braces – they reduce the pain and help prevent it in the first place. In this article, we will discuss some options for healing tendinitis injuries, but first, we need to learn what tendinitis is all about.

What is Tendinitis Anyway?

Tendons are the fibrous cord that connects your bones to your muscles and tendinitis is a common injury that causes the tendon to be inflamed. This can happen anywhere a tendon is, but typical areas are the wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, and of course biceps.

Often times the injury will last just a couple days but can also develop into a chronic condition that leads to never-ending pain and limited range of movement and flexibility.

Picture of a man holding his elbow in painTypical Causes of Tendinitis:

  • Prolonged repetitive movements
  • Exerting high force movements
  • Over-stretching a muscle
  • Extended periods of an awkward position
  • Over-working tendon due to muscle loss
  • Insufficient resting after a recent injury

Common Symptoms of Tendinitis:

  • Usually starts off as just a nagging pain then starts to get worse and can affect the whole limb
  • Constant pain and stiffness that gets worse over time
  • Pain gets worse when attempting full range of motion or applying resistance
  • Pain that only occurs for specific movements or positions
  • Inflammation and redness/warmth in the area of pain

Relief from Tendinitis

If your symptoms are severe then you need to consult with a medical professional immediately, but if it is just mild then you should use ice, rest, compression, and elevation to nurse the injury.

Using Compression Sleeves for Tendinitis

Like stated above, one part of the solution to mild tendinitis is compression, but how does this really work? Compression increasing the rate of blood flow which in return increases oxygen and nutrients levels through the inflicted areas. This not only speeds up recovery times but also decreases soreness levels overall. On top of all that, the compression sleeve actually stabilizes the muscle, reducing the number of vibrations and movements that can affect tendons.

It’s important to remember that compression gear cannot actually heal your tendinitis. Instead, the compression clothes will help alleviate the pain and aid in the prevention of the injury in the first place. The whole goal of compression gear is to lessen the stress and strain that you typically apply to your tendons. This becomes very important for those of you that partake in sports or jobs when prolonged- continuous repetitive motions.

Tendinitis Compression Sleeves

Crucial Compression – Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

These elbow sleeves are readily available on Amazon and will provide you with instant support and relief for your elbow tendinitis. Try them on once to immediately feel some pain relief and reduced soreness after a workout. While some sleeves cover more of the whole arm, these mainly cover just the elbow and bicep area. If you’ve tried other compression sleeves and found them to be too thick and hot then these sleeves are perfect for you since they are made with advanced, thinner material. They also have an option for the beige color which is a nice change from the typical black color.

CompressionZ – Arm Sleeve

As we’ve talked about before, there are many benefits of compression sleeves for athletes. If you are active in sports like baseball, softball, football, basketball, etc. then these are more geared towards you. They cover much more of the arm like a compression shoulder sleeve, protecting more areas from tendinitis-causing repetitive movements, postures, and general overuse. One trick they advise is to order a size down from your typical size if you want a sleeve that provides more compression than usual. Following these directions, you can have different sets that provide various levels of compression.

YAVOUN – Tendinitis Bicep & Tricep Compression Sleeve

This compression sleeve targets just the bicep and tricep area, reducing inflammation/swelling and upper arm muscle vibrations. This sleeve from YAVOUN is unique in the fact that it has an adjustable velcro strap on it that lets you choose your compression level, instead of having to buy a sleeve of a different size. Perfect for workers with a specific need for relief in the bicep and tricep zone of the upper arm.

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