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Picture of people training in weighted vests

Weighted Vest Training Guide: Pros, Cons, & Workouts

Finding the perfect workout routine for you can be a complicated process. Learning what type of equipment works with your body is something that takes time and experience. Often, people do not want to work out for hours on end and resort to quick routines that use high tension for fast results. Heavy and unfamiliar

Elbow Tendinitis: 9 Ways To Heal Your Sore Elbow

Tendons are the tissues which keep bones and muscles attached to each other. If any tendon in the body becomes inflamed, it is called tendinitis. There are several different types of tendinitis, depending on which tendon is inflamed. Commonly, people develop elbow tendinitis which describes when the elbow’s connective tissues are inflamed. If the elbow

Picture of a woman athlete wearing a shoulder sleeve

Benefits of Shoulder Compression Sleeves for Athletes

Out of all the joints we move in our bodies, we move our shoulders the most. We use our shoulders to swim in the water, swing rackets & golf clubs, throw baseballs, lift weights, and so many other things. Sadly, there are several risks to performing all this motion with your shoulders. Athletes know this

What Are The Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration Machines?

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and avid health blog reader, you’ve likely found some information on a new trend: whole body vibration. This form of passive exercise has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Many people claim wondrous health benefits from vibration-based exercise – but is this real or just a fad? In

Woman wearing a hip brace

How Do Hip Braces Work & Help You Recover From Injury?

Hip braces are designed for people who have some type of hip problem. Anytime a person’s hip is injured, dislocated, or has surgery done on it, they’ll usually be required to wear a hip brace for support and rehabilitation purposes. Basically, the hip support prevents a person from hurting or injuring their hip any further

Picture of a physical trainer stretching a man's ankle joint

6 Ways to Support and Strengthen Your Ankles

Your ankle is an important joint of your leg. It is the joint which connects your leg and foot together. Each time you take a step forward, the ankle of that leg is keeping your body stabilized and balanced. All it takes is for a simple ankle injury to impact your ability to walk and