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7 Lifestyle Changes That Act As Natural Energy Boosters

A person’s lifestyle choices determine his health & well-being. Taking into account the unhealthy lifestyles that the majority of people are guilty of these days, having low levels of energy and fatigue has become a common problem. Keeping that in mind, here are 7 lifestyle changes that you should adopt in order to constantly maintain

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Photo

Omega 3 Fats: What’s the Big Deal?

So unless you’ve been living in a remote cave on a deserted island for the past several years, you’ve heard or seen adds and reports on why you should be taking Omega-3 fats.  Even medical doctors (who receive no education in nutrition in med school, only a couple electives) have been recommending them for their

Picture of Alternatives to Milk like Rice Milk, Casein Milk, etc

Healthy Alternatives to Cow’s Milk

Ok, so we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of the milk topic (not really, but a lot of it anyway!), except what to drink or what to have if you truly have a casein allergy and cannot drink any kind of animal milk.  Like I talked about in Milk Part 3, this type of allergy is usually just