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Best-In-Class: The TITIN Weighted Shirt Review

Here’s our TITIN Weighted Shirt Review, another post from our weighted clothing guide.

Are you looking for the best weighted shirt on the market today, with awesome antimicrobial wicking material, customizability, and 8 lbs of weight capacity? How about double-stitched Sorbtek® material that wicks faster than UnderArmour gear? Do you want the added safety of a limited warranty (30 days on the shirts, 1 year on the gel weights)? If so, then keep reading our TITIN Weighted Shirt review below!

The guys at TITIN Tech were the first to ask, “what if a weighted vest and a compression shirt had a baby?” If someone could create a hybrid like that, it would have all the benefits of weight vests while solving for the vest’s biggest problem: uncomfortable fit. So they did it.

TITIN Tech were the first to design and patent this niche fitness accessory, and their TITIN Weighted Shirt system is the undisputed category leader. Most reviews on BestHealthGear rank all the top options, but TITIN’s Force Full Weighted Shirt System blew the others out of the water to the point that we didn’t bother including them here. TITIN’s model is truly leaps and bounds above all others.

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The complete TITIN Weighted Shirt kit comes with three parts (left to right in the above photo):

  1. Compression Base Layer — the inner weighted shirt with pockets for weighted gel packs.
  2. Compression Outer Layer — outer compression layer to hold the gel weights tightly in place.
  3. Weighted Gel Paks — 8 lbs of weight spread across 14 gel pads.

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Click the below thumbnails to see the sizing chart (left) and a close up of how the weighted gel packs are distributed on the inner base layer (right)

Picture of TITIN Gel Pak Configuration

Why Buy the TITIN Weighted Shirt?

Durable, High Quality Material
The TITIN Weighted Shirt System is built with high quality A.M.Y. Sorbtek® antimicrobial yarn and wicks twice as fast as Under Armour compression shirts. These compression shirts are also double-stitched. As if that weren’t enough, the TITIN Weighted Shirt System has a 30 day warranty for the inner and outer layer shirts, and 1 year warranty to cover the weighted gel packs.

Most Popular Among the Pros
The TITIN Shirt System is extremely popular among Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, & HIIT enthusiasts. If you browse pictures from any Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, you’re sure to see the race winners wearing their TITIN equipment proudly. That’s quite the endorsement!

This weighted shirt system comes with 14 weighted gel packs, maxing out at 8 lbs of total weight. You can add or remove gel packs to achieve the perfect workout intensity. As you get stronger, you’ll always be able to add more weights!

Bang For Your Buck
Weighted compression shirts are the most expensive weighted clothing type, but they’re also the most effective. If you are dead-set on the compression benefits that a weighted shirt offers, the TITIN Weighted Compression Shirt (aka TITIN Force) is the best weighted shirt money can buy.

BestHealthGear.com Verdict: The TITIN Weighted Shirt

If you’re looking for the best weighted compression shirt money can buy, look no further than TITIN’s Weighted Shirt system. This piece of equipment may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. And in this case, what you’re paying for is the best weighted shirt money can buy. This weighted compression shirt comes with a limited warranty, is highly customizable, and is made of top notch materials. Invest your money in the TITIN weighted shirt and never look back.

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