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Best Shoulder Compression Sleeve of 2019

Shoulder injuries can make you experience pain and soreness. When the discomfort becomes unbearable, you should wear a shoulder compression sleeve. This is perfect for anyone who blew their shoulder out while lifting something heavy, whether it was at the gym or at work. Once you’re in this condition, it can leave you incapacitated for a long time. Sometimes your injured shoulder may give you long-term problems if it is not healing correctly.

Anyone who’s incurred a recent shoulder injury or surgical procedure should wear a shoulder brace. This will support the shoulder in the proper position and protect it from sustaining another injury. Meanwhile, it gives the shoulder a chance to heal naturally.

To guide you through this, below is a list of the best shoulder compression sleeve of 2019.

Our Favorite Shoulder Compression Sleeves

Natracure Compression Shoulder Support

Natracure Shoulder BraceThe Natracure Compression Shoulder Support secures the injured shoulder in a steady position while it recovers. There is a gel pack included which you can use to apply cold therapy or hot therapy. The neat thing about this particular shoulder support is its integrated air pump. You can use the pump to adjust the compression to your shoulder. Of course, consult with a doctor or specialist before you use this sleeve and its pump. They will instruct you on the proper way to use this shoulder support so that you don’t make anything worse.

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WiseWife Neoprene Shoulder Brace

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The Wise Wife Neoprene Shoulder Brace is recommended for someone suffering from a shoulder separation, frozen shoulder, or shoulder sprain situation. The compression sleeve is completely adjustable to position your shoulder properly while it heals. The buckle and Velcro straps provide additional support for this. And thanks to the neoprene fabrics, your skin will be able to breathe as you wear the brace. In addition, there is a small slot on the brace where you can put a heat pack or ice pack.

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Picture of the Winomo Shoulder SupportWinomo Shoulder Compression Sleeve

The Winomo Shoulder Compression Sleeve provides fast and long-term relief from the symptoms associated with shoulder injuries, frozen shoulder, dislocated shoulder, and rotary cuff problems. Your arm experiences reduced stress and increased blood circulation. As you perform physical activities, the pain in your shoulder is reduced. Your shoulder is also protected from any further injuries.  The adjustable straps allow you to loosen it on your arm or tighten it whenever necessary.

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Zenkeyz Shoulder Compression Sleeve Wrap

Related imageThe Zenkeyz Shoulder Compression Sleeve Wrap helps you recover from a shoulder injury very fast. This brace provides firmness and compression to your shoulder when suffering from issues like a dislocated shoulder, bursitis, AC joint damaged, rotator cuff, arthritis, tendinitis, and soreness. A pocket is available to store heat packs or ice packs for additional pain alleviation. You’ll need to purchase the packs separately.

The brace is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The shoulder pulley included with the package will assist in speeding your recovery time.

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RelatedBabo Care Shoulder Support with Pressure Pad

The Babo Care Shoulder Support is durable, strong, and will speed along the recovery of your injury. This shoulder brace is adjustable and provides the person with firm compression. The best part is that it prevents another injury from happening during the recovery process. The neoprene fibers of the brace allow the skin to breathe while you wear it. This keeps you comfortable the whole time.

The included pressure pad is compatible with a heated pad or ice. This can help alleviate any pain that you experience, especially from something like shoulder tendonitis.

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Flex-Health Shoulder Support Brace

Picture of the Flex-Health Shoulder SupportThe Flex-Health Shoulder Support Brace alleviates the pain which occurs as a result of certain shoulder conditions like bursitis, AC joint damage, labrum tears, sprains, shoulder tendinitis, and other conditions that cause shoulder pain. The brace stabilizes your shoulder and keeps it comfortable as the healing process is underway.

You can wear the brace underneath your normal clothing without any trouble. It is made specifically for discrete use at the workplace or gym. It is compatible with both genders too.

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EasyRehab Shoulder Brace

EasyRehab BraceThe EasyRehab Shoulder Brace quickly heals a variety of issues like strains, instability, dislocations, fractures, tendon inflammation or tears, and bursitis. After wearing the brace, you’ll be resuming your normal lifestyle in no time. It provides complete compression and assistance for your shoulder. After just 1 week, it should be completely recovered.

The brace is a one-size fits all. That means any woman or man can wear it. Plus, your skin can stay cool and relaxed because of the breathable neoprene fabric in which the brace is made from. Use the brace in the gym and easily wash the sweat away in a washing machine.

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O2 Cold Therapy Shoulder Brace

RelatedThe O2 Cold Therapy Shoulder Brace lets you use ice compression to alleviate the pains in your injured shoulder. There is an air pump and gel pack to give you pain relief and loads of comfort. If you want, you can take out the gel pack and air pump to reduce the bulkiness of the brace. This may be useful if you want to discretely wear the brace under your clothes at the office.

The brace is made from a drip-free fabric which allows your skin to breathe. That way, neither your body sweat nor the gel pack thawing will cause your clothes to get soaked or damp. Ask your doctor whether air compression or ice is better for your shoulder.

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Related imageShoulder Brace w/ Pressure Straps

You may look at this shoulder brace and think it is a piece of armor from the future. Well, it certainly is strong enough to hold your shoulder in place and prevent any more injuries to it. The brace comes with adjustable assistance sleeves and compression bands to keep your shoulder perfectly aligned with the rest of your body. You’ll have the ability to loosen or tighten the sleeves to provide the proper amount of pressure to your shoulder.

The shoulder brace is designed to give your shoulder protection, compression, and stability. This is perfect if your shoulder injury involves rotator cuff damage, frozen shoulder pain, joint instability, or dislocation. You can wear the shoulder brace on your left or right shoulder, whether you’re a man or woman. The included pressure straps let you attach separate cold gel packs or heat packs for additional pain relief. Therefore, this shoulder brace is quite versatile and effective in many ways.

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Hot Cold Therapy Gel Ice Pack for the Shoulder

RelatedIf you need to quickly apply an ice pack to a sore shoulder, then you will want to try this Hot Cold Therapy Gel Ice Pack. Although it doesn’t provide shoulder compression and stability like the other listed products, it is a lightweight ice pack which does a great job of alleviating shoulder pain and swelling.

Included with this pack are a hot & cold gel pack, support straps, a standard wrap, and shoulder wrap. This is all that is needed to apply hot/cold therapy to your shoulder injury. For further help on applying the therapy, look at the print instructions or watch the video instructions which are included as well.

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Our # 1 Recommendation

Natracure Shoulder BraceThe Natracure Shoulder Support is our number one recommendation for treating an injured shoulder. The other products on our list are great too, but the Natracure Shoulder Support stands out the most. When we tried this support on our shoulders, they felt comfortable, secure, and were protected well. There is a little bit of bulkiness to this brace due to its cold gel packs. This makes it very effective, but perhaps not the best choice for people who want to wear their brace discreetly (for that, I’d go with the EasyRehab model above). The neoprene fabrics of the support are comfortable to wear because they are breathable and allow moisture to get through.

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The Most Affordable Choice

Picture of the Winomo Shoulder Support

Most of the shoulder supports on this list are priced about the same. But if you’re on a budget, then you can purchase the cheapest shoulder support listed here, which is the Winomo Brace. It is still made from good quality materials and can do its job just fine.

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What is the Purpose of Using Shoulder Supports?

People who develop shoulder pains and injuries usually do so from lifting too much weight. This could happen at construction sites or any job field which involves lifting heavy materials. Athletes may experience shoulder issues too, especially if they’re tennis players, swimmers, or anyone who regularly moves their shoulders. Once they incur a shoulder injury, shoulder supports can promote faster healing.

Diagram of a rotator cuff injuryRotator cuff: The most common shoulder injury is damage to the rotator cuff. More specifically, the damage is done to the fibrous tissues, known as ligaments, which connect the shoulder and arm together. Once you have rotary cuff damage, you will lose strength and motion in your shoulder and arm.


Diagram showing a dislocated shoulderShoulder dislocation: Shoulder separation and dislocation are other frequently experienced shoulder injuries. This happens when your arm actually pops out and separates from your shoulder joint. A lot of these separations are only minor, but some people experience a complete dislocation. This can be quite painful and must be treated by a doctor immediately.


Diagram of shoulder instabilityShoulder instability: Another shoulder issue that people experience is called shoulder instability. If your shoulder muscles or bones are moved away from their standard positions, then you’ll have trouble moving your shoulder area. If you don’t get this treated, you can expect a dislocated or separated shoulder issue to follow. Furthermore, your bones will rub up aggressively against your muscles and joints. This ultimately causes the shoulder to wear down as time goes on.

What is a Rotator Cuff Tear?

It is common for people to tear their rotator cuff. This injury normally occurs when playing sports, such as tennis or baseball. It can also happen while doing standard activities like cleaning windows or painting walls. People who regularly perform activities like these will end up with a rotator cuff injury because of the wear and tear put on their shoulder region. These same arm movements affect the tendons and muscles in this region. Of course, you can also injure the rotator cuff if you lift too much weight or fall directly on your arm.

There are two ways you can tear your rotator cuff. If you damage the tendon of your upper shoulder region, this becomes a partially torn rotator cuff. But if you tear the tendon completely away from the bone, this becomes a fully torn rotator cuff.


If you tear your rotator cuff, you won’t always feel it. Here are some signs that you’ve torn your rotator cuff:

  • Difficulty raising your arm in the air
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Shoulder pain as you move your arm or put pressure on it
  • Trouble lifting ordinary things
  • Popping or clicking sounds are made as you move your arm

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately. Don’t ignore a torn rotator cuff because it could result in more serious symptoms in the future. Some more serious issues include arthritis or frozen shoulder. These are issues that are very hard to treat.

Frozen Shoulder: What is it?

Frozen shoulder is a layman term for the shoulder condition called adhesive capsulitis. This is a very restricting and painful shoulder condition that you don’t want to ever experience. Imagine ice surrounding your shoulder, making it painful and difficult to move. If you don’t seek medical treatment for this issue, these symptoms may last for several years. There is no quick solution for fixing this condition either. When you get treatment, it could take at least a year or more before you get better. The treatment involves exercises, pain killers, and physical therapy.

Diagram of frozen shoulder syndromeFrozen shoulder could be caused by a variety of different things. Usually, the tissue around the shoulder’s glenohumeral joint gets damaged or inflamed. The result is extreme pain and motion restriction in the arm. Other causes of frozen shoulder may include tissue diseases, diabetes, thyroid disease, strokes, falls, accidents, or trauma. For this reason, it is challenging for a doctor to determine the cause of the condition.

To come up with a diagnosis, the doctor will perform a physical examination and conduct X-rays, arthrogram scans, and MRIs to fully understand the severity of the damage. The treatment you receive typically comes from a physiotherapist, sports injury specialist, or primary care physician.

There are three methods of treatment which we’ll outline below:

  1. Pain relievers will be given to the patient to alleviate their pain and discomfort. This may be ibuprofen or paracetamol. The patient will also wear a shoulder brace to provide compression, support, and stability to the shoulder joint.
  2. Steroid injections will be administered to reduce any severe swelling if it exists.
  3. A physiotherapist puts the patient on a customized stretch and exercise plan. Over time, these stretches and exercises will help reduce shoulder pain and restore shoulder strength and range of motion.

For whatever reason, a lot of people don’t want to go to the doctor first. They’ll attempt to treat their shoulder on their own, which usually makes their condition worse. Frozen shoulder is not something you can mess with by yourself because it’s not going to heal itself like neck pain from sleeping. You need to get professional medical assistance.

The Best Exercises to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

There are certain exercises which can reduce shoulder pain. Of course, consult with a physician before trying them.

Illustration showing a woman doing neck roll exercises

1) Neck Rolls/Head Tilts – When your shoulder muscles are tense and cramped up, these exercises can loosen them considerably. Make sure you perform the exercises slowly without any jerky movements.


Illustration showing a woman doing shrug stretches

2) Shrugs – Stand on your feet and get comfortable. Take a breath, straighten your back, and then start shrugging your shoulders. See if you can push your shoulders up near your ears as far as you can. Do them slowly to relieve tension in the shoulders. Go for 10 repetitions.


Image showing a woman doing wingspan stretches

3) Wing Span Stretches – This is another great stretch for loosening the muscles in your shoulders. People who spend hours in front of the computer will particularly like this stretch. You get down on your knees and stretch your arms out as far as possible. Your fingers should be linked behind your back so that one arm is higher up than the other. Breath in slowly and then release. Repeat the breathes a couple of times and then raise the other arm higher this time. Do the same thing again.

Shoulder Exercises For Women

You may have gone through a shoulder injury and recently recovered from it. Although you may feel okay at the moment, your shoulder muscles may get weak if you try to lift or carry something. To help build shoulder strength again, do a shoulder workout regularly. On the other hand, if you’re a woman who is considered about developing big shoulders, then you can try some shoulder exercises designed for women. These exercises will build shoulder strength without causing them to grow big and round.

The following exercises involve weight lifting. If you’re new to weight lifting, you should ask a personal trainer at a gym to assist you. If you do the following exercises at least once a day for 2 weeks, your shoulder strength should be much better.

Woman doing side dumbbell raises1) Side Dumbbell Raises

Grab a dumbbell with each hand. Stand flat on the ground and keep your back straight. Keep the dumbbells by your waist. When you begin, gradually raise your arms and dumbbells outward until they’re at shoulder level. Bring the dumbbells back down until they’re next to your waist again. This is one repetition.

Make sure you do the repetitions slowly with as much stability as possible. Don’t jerk or force the repetitions. If you do, then you’re probably using too much weight. It is okay to feel shoulder strain during this exercise, but not shoulder pain. If you experience any pain, then switch to lighter dumbbells. Do 3 sets of between 5 to 8 repetitions each.

Woman doing shoulder dumbbell presses2) Dumbbell Presses

This is a traditional shoulder exercise. You just sit down in a chair that has a comfortable and sturdy backrest. Sit up straight and tall while keeping your feet completely flat as they touch the floor. Grab one dumbbell with each hand and lift them up to where they’re aligned with your ears. Your arms should form a 90-degree angle as you do this. Slowly lift the dumbbells upward until they reach over your head. Now bring the dumbbells back down slowly until your arms are 90 degrees again. That is one repetition.

It is important to do the repetitions slowly in order to avoid straining or pulling your shoulder too much. Also, don’t use heavy dumbbells either if you feel any sort of pain. But if you do decide to go heavy, get a spotter to assist you. Try for 3 sets and do between 6 and 8 repetitions per set.

Woman doing pulley raises3) Pulley Raises

Go to the pulley machine and stand over it. Bend your waist down so that your torso is almost parallel with the floor. Some people may need to put on a back brace, depending on their current condition. Grab the handle of the cable with the arm that is farthest from it. Keep your core tense and then raise your arm slowly outward until it is at shoulder level.  Keep it there for a second or two and then lower your arm down again. That is one repetition.

Don’t jerk the raises. Do them slowly and steadily with lightweight. Otherwise, you may injure yourself. Go for 2 sets of at least 10 repetitions each.

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