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The 6 Best Neck Traction Devices to Use at Home

Neck traction devices are important for anyone who suffers from pain in their lower back or cervical region. It can alleviate cervical pains quite efficiently without the need for drugs or prescription medications. When you have a pinched nerve in your cervical area, neck traction helps relieve the pressure that is already on it. Neck traction can also treat cervical muscle spasms, neck strains, neck arthritis, and herniated discs. No matter what cervical disc disorder you’re currently suffering from, cervical stretching is the most recommended solution for it.

If you go to a doctor to receive this treatment, it is going to cost you a lot of money. Why not save money and do the neck stretching treatment in the comfort of your own home? If you can purchase the right neck traction device and use it properly, then it will be a very safe and effective experience to do it this way. Of course, it is always recommended that a physician guide you as the exercises are performed.

As you keep reading this guide, you will learn more about neck traction, neck pain, and cervical stretching. More importantly, we’ll share our insights on the best neck traction devices to use at home.

Benefits of Neck Traction Devices

There are three important benefits of using neck traction devices.

  1. Relieves Strain. If you use a neck traction device frequently, the muscles in your neck won’t feel as tense or stressed. This can help speed along the healing process if you’ve injured some area of your neck.
  2. Supports The Recovery Process. The nucleus gel of the injured disc will be remixed and reformed. As the gel heals, your disc area will feel a whole lot better.
  3. Rehydration of Discs. Neck traction devices help to rehydrate brittle, dry upper-thoracic and cervical discs. There are many studies showing that this rehydration process helps pain sufferers to feel active and more youthful.

Now you can learn about the six most recommended neck traction devices on the market which are suitable for home use.

The 6 Best Neck Traction Devices

A lot of research and testing was done to come up with this list. We found these devices to be the best for relieving cervical pain and discomfort.

Picture of the ComfortTrac Cervical Stretching Unit#1 – ComfortTrac Cervical Traction Unit

The ComfortTrac Cervical Traction Unit is designed with innovative engineering technology to give users the most comfort and relaxation possible. It is a very simple device to use too. There is a quick release button integrated into the device which can be activated with just one push. As for the headrest cradle, it contains contoured memory foam to fit your head comfortably. You can adjust the neck wedges of the device for a much more customized fit.

All the components of the device are fully functional. The angles are fully adjustable too. You can incline the angles to 10 degrees, 15 degrees, or 20 degrees.

The ComfortTrac Cervical Traction Unit is lightweight, easy to carry around, and very durable. Several physical therapists recommend this device to people with neck issues.

There is a hand pump connected to the device which has a button on it. Just push the button to increase the traction pressure or to decrease it. Set it at a comfortable pressure amount.


  • Using the device is simple and easy. In case you have trouble, there are easily understandable instructions included.
  • The device is effective at relieving pressure from the neck.


  • This is a higher-end device, which makes it more expensive than others on the list.
  • The mechanics are pretty old-fashioned.
  • Users complain about bad quality Velcro that’s supposed to help you customize and adjust the fit better.



Picture of a woman wearing the Cervical Neck Traction Device#2 – EverRelief Neck Traction Device

The Cervical Neck Traction Device is inflatable, soft, comfortable, dependable, and easy to wear. It is covered with a soft flannel material to provide you with total comfort as the device relieves your neck pain. To inflate the device, there is a pump that you squeeze with your hand. It should take you less than 2 minutes to fill the device with air by using the pump.

If you’re no longer able to do normal activities anymore because of your neck pain, then you will find great comfort in using the cervical neck traction device. Not only can it help you with your neck issues, but it can help with issues related to the head, pinched nerves, shoulder pain, bulged discs, herniated discs, compressed discs, neck spasms, or curved cervical posture.

It is very simple to pump air into your device. After it is all filled up with air, the device stretches your neck muscles and boosts the blood flow to the neck.  Any tense nerves you have in your neck will be relieved too. Your shoulders won’t be under so much pressure and your overall posture will be greatly improved. And since the device applies pressure from underneath the jawbone, your neck elevation is better supported.

The Cervical Neck Traction Device is small and does not require any assembly. There is an illustrated instruction manual included with the device which goes over the steps of how to use it. Since the device is small, it is simple to carry around in a backpack or suitcase. According to reviews of the device, it gives users complete satisfaction and comfort. It should last a long time too because it’s made from premium quality material that is highly durable.

Experts recommend that you use the device between 2 and 3 times daily.


  • This traction device provides a superior alternative to physical exercise.
  • Lifetime Warranty on an already well-made product!
  • Great to use when traveling around and need quick cervical relief.


  • Temporary relief only – may not fix underlying health issues.
  • Not effective for spondylitis.



Picture of the Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator#3 – Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator for Neck Strain

The Posture Pump Relief 1400-D Dual Disc Hydrator can alleviate several neck issues, such as neck pain, upper back stiffness, fatigue, and headache. This neck traction device can also help correct the poor posture of your neck, back, and head by restoring the natural curve of your neck. In doing this, the device hydrates the cervical discs and reduces bulging of the neck.

There is a highly innovative and patented technology used in this device to make all this happen. It is called Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression and you can only find it in Posture Pump Relief devices. The technology features 2 original EED air cells that are angled as they expand and contract to hydrate the joints and discs of the spine. There is a moderate amount of pressure generated by the pump too. But it isn’t too much pressure to where it is uncomfortable. The two air cells of this technology make the disc decompression process very comfortable as it reforms and reshapes the curve of your spine. In addition, it assists in tightening your neck muscles too.

The Posture Pump Relief for Neck can help most adults with a wide range of cervical or spinal issues, whether they’re old or young. There is really no better product on the market for physical and mental relaxation. It can help reduce pain in your lower back, upper back, and joints. It can also reduce your levels of discomfort, stiffness, and stress. With all these benefits, you’ll fall asleep much faster at night because all your stress and anxiety will be calmed.

After consistent use of this device, you will eventually find yourself feeling younger, standing higher off the ground, and being more flexible. Just read the instructions and other literature included with the device prior to using it.


  • Thoughtfully designed – it’s a sturdy device.
  • Super effective at relieving neck pressure.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • On the more expensive side.
  • Requires a mechanical massager.
  • Some users complain that the neck strap on this device smells funny.



Woman using the Vinmax door frame cervical stretching device#4 – Vinmax Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Set

If you need a quality cervical traction product to use for physical therapy purposes, then you’ll want to use the Vinmax Over the Door Cervical Traction Set. It is designed to help women and men in several different ways. For the most part, it can reduce the pressure placed on the nerve tissues and muscles in your neck. The device is also helpful if your cervical spine has suffered minor fractures.

You can use the Vinmax device at home. It is easy to install and use on your head. It weighs more than 1 kilogram and has a heavy-duty design with durable metal brackets. Just install the brackets on any door inside your house to use. A water bag is not needed.

You can adjust the cervical traction’s size and the halter’s head size to make it fit easily on any adult size head. There was no latex material used to make the halter either.

The Vinmax Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Test can relieve stiff muscle pain quite effectively. It fits gently around your cervical area and comes with many added features. If you have cervical spondylosis, then this traction device is perhaps the best product available for treating it.

Make sure the hanger is secured correctly prior to using it. To confirm that it fits properly, there is a traction rope that you can pull on to adjust the length. If you have an additional problem in your cervical area, talk to a doctor first prior to using this device. Your neck stress will be relieved so easily.


  • Fast relief from neck pain.
  • Saves you time and money.


  • Tall people won’t be able to use this with a door frame and will have to attach to the ceiling.
  • Some people complain that the metal harness is rather weak.



Picture of a woman using the Neck Hammock#5 – The Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device

In the old days, traction therapy could only be received by going to a physical therapist’s office. When patients did go to the office, it was a very timely procedure which cost a lot of money. All of this made the experience an inconvenience to these patients. Fortunately, people no longer need to go to a physical therapist’s office because they can purchase cervical traction devices for home use. Some of these devices are expensive, bulky, and complicated to figure out, though.

The Neck Hammock was made to fix this problem. It is a compact device which offers convenience, affordability, and comfort to its users. The device is great for alleviating discomfort in the neck. Not only that, but it can help prevent injuries that are induced by stress. In any case, relaxation is the one feeling you will have when using this device.


  • The Neck Hammock is highly portable.
  • The neck hammock comes with a 6-month warranty.
  • There are 3 ways to set up this device – on a railing, a doorknob, or a door jamb.
  • Comes with a cute doorknob sign that says “Warning – relaxation in progress!”


  • There have been complaints that the build quality of the product is poor.



Picture of the Everyway4all Unit#6 – Everyway4all Ever Trac CT800 CTD

The Everyway4all Ever Trac CT800 CTD is one of the better cervical traction devices out there to use at home. It is comfortable to wear and provides efficient stretching and traction. You won’t experience much strain on your neck or jaw either, thanks to its FDA-approved Direct Cable Technology.

Direct Cable Technology allows for accurate traction force with precision. It provides as much as 50 pounds of force and is easy to use. In fact, it doesn’t take much effort at all to finding the traction you need. One or two turns of the knob and the back of your neck will be getting pulled already. Medical physicians have recommended this neck traction device. When you’re done with your session, there is a release button you can press to take it off.

There are no pumping actions used here because air doesn’t create the pressure. The base plate is driven without air. According to reviews, it is the most accurate home traction device on the market.

If you experience pains quite frequently and you have trouble getting to sleep because of them, then you should try the Everyday4all device. The traction technology in it is more effective at reducing stress, pain, and strain than the classic pumping technology.


  • This unit features the most innovative and advanced technology.
  • Provides awesome relief for pain related to weightlifting.


  • Expensive



What is Cervical Traction?

Cervical traction is all about reducing the pressure that is normally placed on the vertebrae. This is done through a minor stretching action on the neck and head area. This helps to align your spinal discs which also keeps them healthy.

A cervical traction device is used to perform this stretching action for you. It is meant to substitute for the stretching that a physical therapist would normally perform on your cervical area. That way, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a physical therapist because you can just purchase this device and get as much spinal treatment as you want at home.

Cervical traction devices are merely head braces. You attach the brace to the head and neck. To create the pressure needed, there is a counterweight connected to a pulley system (or mechanical ramp). This stretches the head in the opposite direction of the shoulders. That is how spinal pain relief occurs.

The 4 Kinds of Neck Traction Devices to Use at Home

If you want to use a neck traction device in your own home, here are the 4 main types that are available:

Picture of an air cervical device#1: Air Cervical

Air cervical traction devices are basically air neck braces. Each device generally consists of 3 individual pillow units that are attached together and a hand pump. You wrap the pillow units around your neck and then secure them there with a Velcro strap. Now you squeeze the pump with your hand to inflate the pillows with air.

The more air that gets pumped into the pillows, the more they’ll straighten up. The idea is that the pillows will carry the weight of your head and take that weighted pressure off your neck.

Make sure don’t pump too much air into the pillows. You only want to the cervical spine to be stretched comfortably so that you can alleviate the stress of your neck muscles. Meanwhile, this process will realign your cervical spine discs as well as rehydrate them. Any pinched nerves in your neck will find relief here too.

Picture of a woman using a neck traction device#2: Posture Pumps 

If you don’t mind spending a little more money for a better-quality pump, then you’ll want to purchase a posture pump. This certainly beats those old-fashioned traction systems that go over-the-door. It also beats the air type of traction system that we just mentioned. Posture pumps are better designed because they’re comprised of medical grade equipment which makes them durable and higher quality. In fact, many clinics use traction systems quite like these.

Posture pumps are bigger and constructed from better-quality materials. Even the traction itself is better. Most posture pump models will include a carrying case to carry the pump in. Don’t worry because the device is lightweight and easy to carry around. There is no assembly required either. You just put on the head pads and straps and you’re good to go.

The one thing which makes posture pumps so comfortable is the fact that you get to lie down. At the base, there are knobs which you can easily adjust. After that, the strap gets placed over your forehead. Then you simply pump the device to increase the pressure under your head and make it tighter.

Picture of an over-the-door cervical support#3: Over-the-Door

Over-the-door neck traction is one of the first neck traction devices ever invented. If you have a sturdy door available, you basically hang from the door while the weight of your body creates the pressure under your head. Some assembly is required because you need to set up the device on top of your door.

After you have set up the device there, a halter hangs down from it. The halter is placed around the back of your head and in front of your chin. If you’re confused on how to put it on, there are instructions included with the device to help guide you.

The straps of the device can be tightened until the stretch feels just right. To tighten them, you can either pull the cord down or connect heavy objects to it.

Picture of a woman wearing a neck hammock#4: Neck Hammocks

One of the newest neck traction devices available is neck hammocks. This device pulls the head from the top to take the pressure off the neck and shoulder muscles. The spinal ligaments also get some relief too. This helps alleviate any pain or pressure that you experience in your cervical area.

A neck hammock will expand the space that you have surrounding your invertebrate. This increases blood flow and circulation to that area. In addition, your ligaments, nerves, muscles, and tendons will become oxygenated. This boosts your mobility levels and lowers your level of discomfort.

Even pinched nerves will be relieved too.


You should always take precautions when using cervical traction devices or any other medical equipment for that matter.

For starters, you may not always need a cervical traction device whenever you feel neck pain. Consult a physical therapist or doctor first to find out. There are several reasons for neck pain, and you must know where your neck pain is coming from.

If you’ve had neck surgery recently, then it must heal entirely prior to using a cervical traction device. Again, check with your doctor to find out when a good time to wear it is.

When the doctor says it’s okay to wear the cervical traction device, read the written instructions carefully that came with it. This will ensure that you prevent physical injuries and achieve the greatest results possible.

Finally, use the device in moderation. Too much of anything is bad, especially the cervical traction device. If you overuse it, then your neck could get overstretched and possibly injured.

The directions will tell you how to use it and how often to use it. If used correctly, your cervical traction device should give you the pain relief in your neck and spine that you’re looking for. Best of all, you can do this conveniently at home without having to go to a physical therapist.

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