The 10 Best Neck Brace For Sleeping [Updated May 2019]

Neck pain can be quite unbearable, especially pain that becomes worse when you sleep. Some people suffer from neck pain due to injuries like whiplash, manual labor, osteoporosis, vertebrae damage, or unhealthy posture. If you’re a neck pain sufferer, you’ve surely noticed that this pain gets significantly worse after a night of sleep! One way to deal with this without breaking the bank: wear a cervical collar to sleep in.

Sleeping in cervical collars can help you sleep better and improve your neck health, especially if you’ve suffered a neck strain or are recovering from surgery. Many people also use sleeping cervical collars because they wake up with neck soreness despite trying every sleeping position and pillow in the universe.

You shouldn’t have to wake up in pain every morning, which is why our team at Best Health Gear has prepared this list of the best sleeping neck supports on the market today. With a good neck brace, you can keep your neck protected and stable while you sleep.

Types of Sleeping Neck Braces

Before we jump into the list, we should talk about the two major types of sleep neck brace:

Example of a soft cervical collar
Soft Cervical Collar –  This is a much softer, more flexible version of the traditional rigid cervical collar. This cervical collar supports the jaw, neck, and head to relieve pressure from the spine, thereby helping the neck muscles relax and repair itself. This type of cervical collar also prevents your neck and spine from any movement that might cause further damage or injury. Though the majority of soft collars are great for sleeping, there are some that are specifically made to give you sweet dreams. These are perfect for people recovering from operations and moderate neck injuries, including a stiff or swollen neck.

Picture of a Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow – These products are not designed for therapy — they’re just consumer products to help you sleep well during or after a road trip or flight. Travel pillows are effective at preventing stiffness, pain, and headaches when you’re traveling. As you’ve probably guessed, this product was not designed to handle serious neck conditions like surgery or accidents, but if all you want is a good night rest or to doze off on the train, bus, or plane, then this product is perfect for you.

The 12 Best Sleep Neck Braces

Core Products Foam Cervical Collar for Sleeping

Picture of the Core Products Foam Cervical Collar for Sleeping

This American made collar comes equipped with a low-density foam made from 100% cotton stockinette. The Core Products Foam Cervical Collar provides you with both support and comfort as you doze off. It also comes with a contoured design with loop and hook closures which makes it easier to get a perfect fit. It holds the head in a neutral position and supports the jaw, which relieves pain and boosts healing by relieving the neck of some pressure. It also provides a gentle reminder that you shouldn’t make any sudden or dangerous movement that will cause re-injury or more strain on the neck.

This collar is perfect for most adults and fits about 24” (61cm). You can find it in four sizes from two to three inches high. It is also hand-washable, which is great for people who wear it a lot. No one likes a dirty or grimy neck collar!

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PURNEAT Cervical Neck Traction Device

Picture of the PURNEAT Cervical Neck Traction Device

This collar was specifically designed for sleeping hours. It holds your neck at the perfect angle to relieve pain while limiting movements that could cause further injury to your neck. Whatever your issue, whether you’re recovering from a neck injury or you wake up with a stiff and sore neck because you play a lot of video games or like to sit hunched over while watching Netflix or YouTube for hours, this will definitely help you enjoy a good night’s rest, waking up all refreshed without any lingering pain.

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Velpeau Neck Brace / Foam Cervical Collar

Picture of the Velpeau Neck Brace and Foam Cervical Collar
Take advantage of this amazing sleep collar and treat yourself to some sweet dreams. This cervical collar provides support for the neck and jaw and relieves pain by diverting pressure from the neck and spine. It can also be worn in bed or through the day as it realigns your vertebrae. It also relieves sprain and cervical strain induced headaches. Its V-shaped ergonomic chin contour provides extra support and comfort. It comes with Velcro straps that help you adjust your neck to give you the appropriate level of compression and tightness.

In addition to keeping your neck safe and warm while you sleep, its lightweight breathable fabric keeps your neck cool while it is on, which means you don’t have to worry about waking up with your neck covered in grime and sweat. It is latex free, so there’s no need to worry about skin irritations and allergies.

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Velpeau Neck Brace – High Elastic Composite Foam Cervical Collar

Picture of the Velpeau Neck Brace - High Elastic Composite Foam Cervical Collar
Here’s the second Velpeau brace on our list! This collar is made from a bi-layer stack containing highly elastic EVA foam and a medium density sponge, which is why it is next to none when it comes to resilience and comfort. The brace provides support for the neck and jaw and ensures that the neck stays in the right position while relieving some spine pressure induced pain and stabilizing the vertebrae. It has a non-rigid collar that may help reduce headaches related to cervical sprains and strains. Whatever your source of pain, whether you’re recovering from a mild surgery or you got hit hard playing rugby, this brace will help. This brace can also be worn while sleeping and is compact and small enough to carry outside the house.

What makes this product so special is its innovative design. It comes with a superior V-shaped contour underneath the jaw for extra comfort. The rising curve provides the neck with more support compared to other collars. You can adjust the compression level and fit using its velcro straps. This hypoallergenic brace wicks sweat super fast and is completely latex-free!

This product is simple to ear and fits almost all neck types.

Available in these sizes:

  • S: circumference of the neck 10 1/2″-11 1/2″ / 27.0-29.0cm, length of neck 2 3/4″/ 7.5cm
  • M: circumference of the neck 11 1/2″-13 1/4″ / 29.0-33.7cm, length of neck 3 1/8″ / 8.0cm
  • L: circumference of the neck 13 1/4″-16 1/2″ / 33.7-42.0cm, length of neck 3 3/8″ / 8.5cm
  • XL: circumference of the neck 16 1/2″-18 3/4″ / 42.0-48.0cm, length of neck 3 3/8″ / 8.5cm

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The Neck Hammock 2.0

Picture of the Neck Hammock 2.0

Whether you’re seeking relief from neck problems or just need help sleeping, this special neck hammock brings cervical traction to you in an amazing little portable package. It is easy to use and can be attached to doors, giving you instant relief from pain in only 10 minutes. It applies gentle and smooth pressure and provides constant support for your neck. This helps relieve soreness and relax your tired neck, back, or shoulders. How does this happen? It’s a result of the Neck Hammock’s design, which maximizes cervical traction to increase blood flow across the affected areas. It also comes with a great eye mask that helps you relax just about anywhere.

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Universal Cervical Collar Padded Foam Neck Brace

Picture of the Universal Cervical Collar Padded Foam Neck Brace
Get your neck in shape and say goodbye to neck pain with this superior and soft cervical support. This brace restricts your head movement, supporting your neck and keeping you safe. It also speeds up your recovery time from accidents like neck sprain, spondylosis, herniated disc and lots of other medical conditions affecting the vertebrae. It can limit your cervical movement, preventing you from any unsafe movement that can bring harm to your neck. This helps the wearer avoid reinjury.

The Universal Cervical Collar is quite comfortable on the skin, and comes with Velcro straps that loosen or tighten to provide the perfect compression level. It can also be worn for sleeping. Whatever you need this collar for, whether it’s neck strain, whiplash, or something else, this collar will meet all your needs.

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Caldera Releaf Neck Rest

Picture of the Caldera Releaf Neck Rest
This is a brand new innovative neck rest designed to provide comfort and support for your neck wherever you are, whether you’re asleep, on a plane, at work or anywhere else. It has a multi-purpose collar and an adjustable contour that will give your neck the most amazing feeling ever. It is lightweight, which means you can easily carry it around and it is easy to slip it into your bag and travel with it.

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The Vive Neck Brace – Soft Foam Cervical Collar

Picture of the Vive Neck Brace - Soft Foam Cervical Collar
If you need injury support or superior pain relief for your neck, you’ve come to the right place! Cervical support collar will hold your head under your jaw to help relieve pressure and weight in the spine, while preventing you from making dangerous neck movements. It can be worn all through the day to stabilize the vertebrae and is also very comfortable while sleeping. This non-rigid brace can give you relieve from cervical sprain and strain induced headaches. It also aids recovery following a mild surgery.

This works with neck circumferences of about 15”-20.5”, which is great for most people, all you have to do is wrap it across your neck, then fasten the Velcro as soon as it feels okay. It is also easy to adjust. It comes with a soft foam padding which gives you a warm, comfortable fit, it is also made with breathable knitted material designed to ensure your neck remains cool and smooth. It is latex-free and comes in both white and black for those with strong color preferences.

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Coreline Cervical Collar

Picture of the Coreline Cervical Collar
Don’t miss a good night rest because of neck pain. With optimal neck support, you’ll definitely heal without restricting your motion range completely, but the collar will always be there to prevent you from any head movement that might be unhealthy. It has a firm and cushioned foam that offers both support and protection, which is perfect for swift recovery. And the best part is that the foam core has a soft cotton lining, which means you don’t have to worry about it irritating or itching your skin. And because cotton is breathable, your neck will always be cool.

It comes in large, medium and small sizes for 14″ – 25″ neck circumference, so you’ll always find your size regardless of how small or big.

It can be hand washed with cold water and soap, so you can always wash it out when it becomes dirty or smelly. Avoid using dryers to dry it; instead you can hang it out to dry.Shop Button

Hely Weber Cervical Collar 2″ 619

Picture of the Hely Weber Cervical Collar 2 619

Take advantage of this amazing neck brace and enjoy a good rest even with your neck injury. The Hely & Weber Cervical Collar 619 was expertly manufactured and designed to provide your stiff neck with the highest standard of ergonomic support. It has a medium/firm urethane core density that fits easily around your neck, giving you a comfortable fit. Its vinyl strap also offers additional support as well as durability against wear and tear. The core comes equipped with a unique stockinette covering which is great for your skin, making it soft and getting rid of anything that might cause any form of irritation.

It can also be found in 2″, 3″, or a 4″ height, which is great considering the fact that a lot of these neck collars come in just one size. The Hely Weber Collar can help with some cervical injuries, whiplash, strains, inflammation, neck pain and lots more.

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Picture of a woman suffering from early morning neck pain

5 Exercises For Treating Early Morning Neck Pain

We’re not really qualified to dish out professional advice, particularly if you’re recovering from surgery, suffering from a vertebrae damage or recovering from a neck accident, you should visit a doctor, physiotherapist or surgeon for professional advice.

However, if you’re suffering from early morning neck pain, perhaps from spending too much time hunched over a laptop or from sleeping with your body positioned awkwardly, your stiff neck muscles might just need some exercise and a few stretches to loosen things up a little and banish the pain. These exercises are perfectly safe for people without chronic neck problems or neck injuries, but you can also confirm from your doctor to be sure. These will not take more than 10 minutes and can easily be incorporated into your morning routine.

Exercise 1: Look straight ahead while standing and hold your head in one direction for about 10 seconds, after which you’ll swap sides and repeat the action. This can be done a few times on each side. If the stretch doesn’t feel far enough, drop the other shoulder. Do this slowly and gently, and avoid sudden or jerky movements.

Exercise 2: While standing, make sure your shoulder is straight, then bring your chin to your chest very slowly. Maintain this position for 10 seconds, then look up facing the ceiling and maintain that position for another 10 seconds. This should be repeated twice.

Exercise 3: Stand straight, look over your right shoulder as far as your body can go and try not to strain or jerk while at it. Hold for a couple of seconds, then repeat the same process with your left shoulder this time. This can be repeated a few times. However, if you notice that one side has more pinching, pulling or tight sensation compared to the other, it means you’ve discovered the cause of your stiffness and pain.

Exercise 4: Lie down on your back facing the ceiling. Then direct your tongue to the roof of the mouth, and clasp the chin to the breast for 10 seconds. Next, you lift up your neck and head like there’s a bend at the base of the skull, then maintain this position for another 10 seconds. Do this repeatedly but more slowly for about two minutes. This helps to lengthen the muscles at the back of your neck.

Exercise 5: Stand straight with your back and shoulders relaxed, then attempt to push your head forward and maintain that position for 10 seconds before repeating the process again. This can be done 5times, which signifies the end of the session.

5 Activities That Can Cause Neck Pain

When you have acute neck pain, it means that you have neck pain which goes away within 4 weeks. The cause of acute neck pain is usually either a small ligament injury or neck muscle injury. If your neck muscle fibers become strained, it means you tore them up or damaged them. If the ligaments in your neck become sprained, it means you overstretched them.

Below are the top 5 ways in which people sprain or strain their neck to develop acute neck pain.

  1. Using a smartphone or laptop normally requires you to bend your neck down and lean your back forward. If you stay in this position for too long, it can stress out the ligaments and muscles in your neck. The longer they are stressed, the bigger the chance of them getting injured. To prevent this from happening, sit up straight in your chair and try to take regular breaks from sitting. A break would be standing up on your feet and walking for at least a few minutes.
  2. Watch the way you sleep. If your neck is bent, turned, or twisted as you sleep, the ligaments and muscles of your neck will get stretched. You need to change positions to avoid this problem when you sleep. Otherwise, acute neck pain will be your primary symptom. The best way to maintain a good sleeping position is to find a comfortable mattress or pillow which helps you sustain a better neck position as you lie down.
  3. Painting requires you to regularly make overhead movements. This overstretches the muscles in your neck and shoulders. If you don’t take regular breaks from painting while on the job, your neck could become sprained or strained.
  4. Lifting weights on a regular basis, or even just lifting weights that are too heavy, can increase your chances of injuring a ligament or muscle in your neck. The best way to avoid this problem is to warm up first before lifting weights. Make sure you lift the weight properly and take occasional rest days.
  5. Any type of impact sport, such as soccer or football, causes a player to run the risk of injuring their neck. That is why it is important for every player to train properly and practice the best form for playing the game. Warming up and stretching constantly is important too.

A Quick Message On Neck Pillows

If you’re still plagued with a sore neck when you wake up, you might want to look deeper than just your pillow. It’s very common for people to sleep in unhealthy positions that can cause chronic injury. A nice memory foam pillow or feathered pillow will curl around your neck and help you sleep without bothering or twisting it, which is what causes most early morning neck pain. It is also better to sleep on your back or side. Indeed, it’s easy to bend your neck unnaturally when you sleep on your stomach, and this can cause a sore neck when waking up.

If you can’t trace the reason for your sore neck in the mornings, you might want to consider getting a support pillow or neck pillow. This is actually a great way to treat a sore neck and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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