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The 10 Best Lace-Up Ankle Braces [Updated May 2019]

Most people will suffer an injury at some point in their life from either accidentally twisting or rolling their ankles. If this ever happens to you, then you’ll want lace-up ankle braces. You don’t want to stay stranded in bed for days due to an ankle injury. Unfortunately, this can happen as a result of intense physical activity, such as sports. When you were a child, it was probably easier for you to recover from such an injury. This won’t be the case for older people, though. Their bodies heal slower and it takes time for them become 100% better again. The lace-up ankle brace will help with this.

A high-quality lace-up ankle brace can help treat a rolled ankle issue. The brace helps by giving support to the injured ankle as you stand up and put pressure on it again. You’ll have more stability than you would without the brace. Of course, you will continue to limp, but you’ll still be able to move around at least. The support from the brace can help prevent additional injuries too. Also, the brace has a compression feature which assists in boosting the healing process. It does this by reducing the swelling in your ankle and allowing more blood to circulate to the wounded location.

At BestHealthGear, we understand the importance of having fully functional ankles. They are what keep you healthy and active in your everyday life. To help you on your journey in finding good ankle supports and braces, we’ve compiled a list of the top lace-up ankle braces for assisting your injured ankles.

Most Important Factors In Choosing an Ankle Brace

Don’t just go out and purchase any ankle brace. You need to know what to look for in order to find the best brace. Here are some considerations to make first:

Benefits of wearing a support on your ankleMaterials – The brace needs to be comprised of breathable fabric that is comfortable against the skin. Otherwise, it will irritate and itch the skin as you exercise with it on. Since the brace has breathable fabric, your skin can exert sweat through the fabric without it getting smelly or damp. Also, make sure you can wear the brace over socks.

Purpose – Lace-up braces are great for someone who is recovering from an ankle injury and wants protection against another injury. It is also great for someone who has permanently damaged their ankles, causing total instability. With these braces on, the person can resume playing sports or physical activities again.

Strength – The brace should last a while, so be sure that its fabrics are sturdy and strong. Try to find one with double stitching to it because the brace will last for several years that way.

Length of Time to Wear – If your doctor didn’t advise you on how long to wear the brace, then don’t leave the brace on throughout the day. It is better to put it on periodically throughout the day, such as during physical activities to prevent injury. Other than that, your skin needs to be aired out so it can breathe. The brace should never replace something like knee surgery because it cannot repair things like torn ligaments or blown-out ankles. Besides, if you wear the brace for any great length of time, the joints and muscles in your leg will adapt to the added support. Then the joints and muscles will get weaker when you take off the brace.

Even if you’re suffering from permanent ankle damage, most doctors will tell you to only put on the brace during sports activities. Of course, all medical professionals are different so perhaps the one you go to will say something else.

McDavid Laced Ankle Support

McDavid Ankle Brace

It is difficult to deal with a severe ankle injury. If you want to recover quickly and get moving again, try the McDavid Ankle Support. This brace will ensure your ankle stays strong without giving out. There are 2 nylon layers and vinyl mesh material which provide twice as much support as other types of ankle splints. Spring steel is inside the brace too, providing more durability and stability to your ankle as you move. You could say this is a heavy-duty ankle support, but that’s what you’ll want if you’re dealing with a severe fracture or sprain.

The support features padded lining which contains hydravent moisture control technology. This ensures you don’t feel sweaty, itchy, or discomfort from wearing it. Instead, it will feel soft as all your bodily sweat drains through the fabric. This means no dampness or bad odors. There is additional ventilation in the tongue area too.

Here are the sizes available:

  • Extra Small (Men 6-7 & Women 7-8)
  • Small (Men 8-9 & Women 9-10)
  • Medium (Men 9-11 & Women 10-12)
  • Large (Men 11-13 & Women 12-14)
  • Extra Large (Men 14+ & Women 15+)

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CompressX Lace Up Ankle Strap

CompressX Lace Up Brace

Rolled ankles are bad, but they don’t have to keep you down. Put on the CompressX Lace Up Ankle Strap and watch as it applies pressure and stabilization to your entire ankle joint. Its stabilizer bars secure the ankle joint to assist in preventing any more injuries. You can also use the Velcro straps by wrapping them around your ankles to stabilize them too. If you want even more compression, wrap the straps under your feet or around them. As for the laces, use them to make the brace tighter or looser.

The strap can provide you with help for dealing with ankle pain issues like swelling, fasciitis, and arthritis. The great thing about this strap is that it fits bilaterally, meaning for your left or right foot.  When you purchase these supports, you will receive PDF instructions which you can open on your computer or phone. They can teach you how to put on the supports properly so that your pain is alleviated, and you can move around again.

The sizes available are:

  • Large (W 10.5+ & M 9+)
  • Medium (W 8-10 & M 6.5-8.5)
  • Small (W 5.5-7.5 & M 6 – Children 4 to 4.5)

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Running ASO Ankle Support & Stabilizer

Running ASO Ankle StabilizerThe ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a suitable ankle brace for anyone who performs regular physical activities, such as gym workouts, athletic sports, or the average everyday activities. This brace has received recommendations from physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons. Medical Specialties, Inc. is the manufacturer of this brace. They are an American company which upholds the highest standards in manufacturing. Therefore, you know you’re getting a quality product.

What makes this ankle brace unique is the durability, comfort, stability, and support that it provides. The contoured tongue of the brace makes it fit comfortably. The lining contains a material called CoolFlex, which is durable and lightweight. It is also smooth and cooling when it touches the skin. You won’t experience any irritations from it. Also, there is fabric in the Achilles heel area to give it added comfort. You will get the most protection possible with the two laces, which you can use to loosen or tighten the brace.

If you rolled or damaged your ankles for years and have incurred trouble moving as a result, then this brace can provide the stability you need to get moving again. There are 7 sizes available, starting from extra-extra-small and going up to extra-extra-extra-large. You can choose between a white color scheme and black color scheme.

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Zenith Ankle Brace

Zenith BraceThe Zenith Ankle Brace will get rid of your ankle pain. It provides maximum support for things like ankle sprains, arthritic pains, and ankle strains. Plus, the brace speeds up the healing process and helps prevent other unforeseen injuries, whether you’re at work or playing sports on a field. Your ankle gets strength and support from the lace-up front wrap and angular reinforcement straps which come with the brace. These assist in stabilizing your joints and tendons as you exercise.

The Zenith Ankle Brace is made from top quality nylon and neoprene fabrics. These materials provide great mobility and breathability to your skin, so it can remain cool and comfortable with no irritation. In addition, the seams are double-stitched for greater durability and longevity.

You can get the brace in small to large sizes. Be sure to find the right size for your ankles because there is no one size fits all here. If you’re a football player, then this ankle brace will give you the best support imaginable. This is perhaps the best ankle brace for volleyball, too.

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ProCare Ankle Protector

The ProCare Ankle Protector is a lace-up brace which provides amazing support for the ankle. It satisfies the demands of physically active people with ankle issues, such as acute pain, chronic instabilities, and ligament sprains. Athletes are a big user of this brace.

This brace is quite different than the competition because of its unique features. It contains a strong canvas stirrup as well as a reinforced eyelet. This makes the ankle straps highly durable and secure.  It is designed to be a lace-up support with strapping like a figure eight. This secures the heel bone down and reduces the risk of straining the ankle. There is a bilateral design here too, so you can use your right or left foot.

Overall, the brace can accommodate the needs of a casual user or a total athlete. The support and recovery benefits are too hard to pass up.

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Venom Lace Up Neoprene Ankle Brace

Venom Neoprene BraceThe Venom Lace Up Neoprene Brace will strengthen and stabilize your ankles if they’re weak or injured. In fact, they’ll assist in healing both your ankles and feet if they’re injured. This brace is made for professional athletes, whether they’re men or women. It has a lightweight design which still gives great support during intense physical activities. You can wear this brace with your socks and shoes on. It is even adjustable with the lace-up tongue and double straps. This is great for making the brace fit comfortably.

The neoprene material is breathable, making it resistant to sweat and moisture. Therefore, your skin won’t get irritated and it will stay smooth and comfortable. There won’t be any nasty odors or dampness either. You can find small, medium, and large sizes of this brace.

There is a PDF guide included with the brace. It teaches how to put on the brace and use it properly. It also provides tips and suggestions on the best recovery exercises to practice for your affected ankles. Venom is a brand which designs sportswear like this for pro athletes. Many reputable UFC and MMA fighters use Venom products because of their superior quality. If the brace is good enough for them, it is good enough for you too. Considering its excellent reputation among professional athletes, we think this is the best ankle brace for basketball.

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Doctor Shock Lace Ankle Support

RelatedDoctor Shock Lace Ankle Support certainly has an interesting name. The name is a clear reflection of its quality and ability too. It features a lace-up wrap with interior gel cushions and a pre-curved tongue to give the user the best stability and support imaginable for their ankle. Meanwhile, the ankle stays aligned and comfortable the whole time.

The Doctor Shock Lace Ankle Support is described as a medium level brace which is suitable for supporting moderate to severe muscle strains, joint instability, chronic ankle instability, and ligament sprains. The support will speed the recovery process along just fine. If you have an ankle in too bad of a condition, then you may need a brace that is more heavy duty. Talk to your doctor about this if you’re not sure.

Please Note: there is rubber latex material in this support. If you have an allergy to latex, then you may experience skin irritation from wearing it.

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McDavid Ankle Strap

McDavid BraceAccording to the manufacturer of the ankle strap, an independent study was conducted with athletes at a university and the results showed they experienced three times fewer injuries while wearing the McDavid Ankle Strap. Even though this cannot be verified, the strap certainly seems like the best strap for hobbyists and athletes, whether they’re men or women.

The McDavid Ankle Strap is unique in its design. Thanks to the figure-6 pattern of strapping here, it almost emulates the effect of using athletic tape on your ankle. This makes the brace extra secure and provides your ankle with maximum compression and comfort. Meanwhile, it will assist in healing your ankle and preventing future injuries. Plus, your ankle will stay cooled and comfortable because of the ventilation of the fabric which allows sweat and moisture to evaporate.

This is a heavy-duty support brace which can accommodate unstable ankles that are moderate to severe. It can also protect joints after surgery too.

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MEDIZED Ankle Stabilizer

relatedThe Medized Ankle Stabilizer is suitable for just about any purpose. It can support your mobility and protect your ankle from future injuries. Wear this brace during your rehabilitation from issues like ankle injuries, chronic ankle instability, and ankle surgery.

There is a two-strap system in this brace with figure-8 wrapping. This gives the best support and protection to your ankle. You can wear the brace inside your shoes or over your socks and it will feel just fine. Its stabilizing straps do not stretch and they’re just as good as athletic tape.

Here are the sizes available:

  • Small (Men 5-7 & Women 5-7.5)
  • Medium (Men 7.5-8 & Women 8-8.5)
  • Large (Men 8.5-11 & Women 9-12)

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BraceAbility Children’s Ankle Support

Children's lace-up ankle supportThe majority of ankle supports sold in stores are designed to fit adults only. If you need one for children, it can be difficult to find. Fortunately, the Brace Ability Children’s Ankle Support can fit a size 2 to 4.5 shoe. The support can go on the right or left foot. Wear it in your shoe or over your sock. It has a figure-8 strap which helps stop future ankle sprains. There is non-stretch nylon in every strap, making it strong and lightweight. There is knitted material used for the tongue, so kids can easily pull it around their ankle. Their skin will stay comfortable and cool because of this breathable material. Best of all, there is no latex material used in this brace. So, if your child suffers from a latex allergy, you won’t need to worry about them developing a skin rash or other irritation from it.

If your child plays sports or participates in gym class, this ankle support will give them protection in case they were previously injured or have trouble with stability. That way, they can play sports without the risk of developing a worse injury to their ankle.

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What makes lace-up ankle braces so great to use?

For starters, a lace-up ankle brace will compress your ankle to 1. increase its blood flow, 2. reduce its swelling, and 3. promote faster healing. However, this not even the brace’s main function. People wear the lace-up ankle brace for the additional support it provides them. More importantly, they wear it for the added stability it gives their ankle, especially when they attempt to walk.

The brace will prevent another accident to your ankle while it is recovering from the previous injury. People who wish to be active during the recovery phase must wear this brace to ensure their ankle does not get hurt again.  Strenuous physical activities should be avoided, though, until recovery is complete. This means no lifting weights or running. Try performing light exercises instead, such as walking and upper body weight exercises.

If minor compression is all you need, then choose a light ankle wrap that provides compression.

Lace-up ankle braces are very helpful if you have permanent ankle damage, especially if your ankles are unstable as a result of the damage. These braces will give your ankles the added support they need to be stable and strong. You can do the intense physical activities that you wouldn’t be able to do without the braces.

Laces are available to secure the brace to your leg. You can adjust the level of tightness with them very easily. Although, it is best to consult with your doctor before wearing these lace-up ankle braces. They’ll advise you on how to wear them properly, if at all.

Common Ankle Injuries

Sprained Ankle

You risk injuring yourself no matter which sport you participate in. The most common injury experienced by players is an ankle sprain. When the ankle suffers an inversion injury, the ligaments on the ankle’s lateral side are injured. This is how a sprain occurs. You may only suffer a minor sprain which keeps you from playing sports or exercising for up to 2 weeks. But if you suffer a severe sprain, you probably won’t be doing any major physical activity for up to 6 weeks. Most people don’t need surgery when they suffer an acute ankle sprain. If you go to an orthopedic surgeon, they may recommend rest, ice, tape, brace, or/and physical therapy.

High Ankle Sprain

When you suffer a syndesmosis injury, ligaments in the middle of the fibula and tibia are torn. This type of ankle injury is referred to as a high ankle sprain. This injury occurs at the same time as ankle ligament injuries. Pain will exist above your ankle and on its lateral side. The healing and recovery time can last longer than a normal ankle sprain. It is crucial that you visit an orthopedic surgeon or primary care doctor to receive a diagnosis on the condition. Then you can determine how long you’ll need to avoid playing sports or performing your normal daily activities. In most cases, you won’t need to get surgery done.

Jones Fracture

The foot has long bones called metatarsals. The outer side of the foot, underneath the small toe, has a long bone called the fifth metatarsal. When you fracture a certain area of the fifth metatarsal, this is called a Jones fracture. This happens in the area where the base of the bone connects with the midshaft, which is the lengthy middle area of the bone which is cylindrical in shape. A Jones fracture may not heal, especially in athletes. An orthopedic surgeon may want to surgically treat the fracture by inserting a screw into the bone throughout the fractured area. If there is no surgery, then the doctor will provide a boot or cast for you to wear. They will also want to monitor the status of the fracture by having you get x-rays done regularly. That way, they can monitor the healing process of the fracture.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is what joins the heel bone with the calf muscles. If you rupture this tendon, it will be extremely painful. This can be torn in a variety of ways. For instance, if you stand still and then suddenly sprint fast, this can increase the chance of rupturing the Achilles tendon. It can also happen when you change directions with your foot. The pain will feel sharp as if you’re being stabbed there. Surgery is sometimes used to treat this problem, but there are nonsurgical treatments available too. It could take all the way up to a year before your tendon heals enough for you to be able to play sports again.

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