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Best Elbow Compression Sleeve 2019

Elbow compression sleeves are more than just a brace for your elbows. They serve as a strong support system for your elbow ligaments and muscles. That way, you can reduce the risk of injuring your elbows when working out or lifting any type of heavy weight. If your elbows already have a tingling sensation or feel painful, then compression sleeves can prevent these symptoms from getting worse. Meanwhile, the sleeves will boost the blood circulation to your elbows so that they can heal faster. People who experience tennis elbow or tendonitis often wear compression sleeves because of the pain relief they give them. You can benefit in the same way.

As you continue reading, you will learn about the best elbow compression sleeves that are available on the market. All the information you see is based on our research into this. We’ve compiled it into this article for your convenience. You will learn about compression sleeves which are suitable for high impact sports, pain relief, and/or additional elbow support.

Advantages of Using Elbow Compression Sleeves

Related imageExtra Support

When you wear the compression sleeve on your elbow, it secures the ligaments and muscles of the elbow. This provides more support and stability when you go to do strenuous activities like lift weights, play tennis, or practice mixed martial arts. Even if your elbows are currently in good shape with no pain or irritation, you should still wear compression sleeves anyway. They will protect your elbows and ensure that they stay in good condition without any future injuries. Of course, compression sleeves can never replace the support of something like an elbow brace, but this would only be necessary for someone with a severely damaged elbow.

Pain Goes Away Fast

As previously stated, compression sleeves increase the blood flow to your elbows. If you have existing damage or pain in your elbows, this extra blood flow will make the healing process go faster. You will learn more about how this happens as you continue reading.


These elbow sleeves are effective fashion accessories too. When you see MMA fighters wearing their compression sleeves, they tend to have colors which match their own unique look or brand. This is scientifically proven to have health benefits for a person’s mind.

Copper Compression Sleeve

Copper arm sleeveThis elbow brace by Copper is helpful for anyone suffering from soreness or stiffness in their elbow joint. It provides stability to the elbow and takes some of the pressure off its sore and stiff muscles. But even if you simply want more stability when you lift weights at the gym, this compression sleeve is great for that too. In addition, the brace looks stylish and is very comfortable to wear. It can accommodate anyone suffering from elbow pain as a result of tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and osteoporosis.

The fabric used to make this sleeve is very comfortable and feels great when it touches your skin. It provides the proper amount of warmth for relaxing your stiff muscles. Plus, you’ll still have the entire range of motion of your elbow. This allows you to wear the brace wherever you go, not just the gym.

Copper’s Elbow Sleeve is washable after you get it sweaty and smelly. Since there is copper infused into the sleeve, the microbes which cause nasty odors are eliminated quickly. That is why athletes and sportspeople love wearing this sleeve so much.

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Colored Elbow Sleeves by Copper Compression

RelatedColorful Compression Sleeves are also infused with copper. Not only do they help your elbow heal quickly, but they also eliminate the microbes which trigger bad smells. At the same time, your muscles stay warm and relaxed. The copper material allows the wearer to stay comfortable because it lets their sweat escape through it. This is great for people who are doing intense physical activities which cause them to sweat.

These sleeves are available in sizes which range from small to extra-large. You have a choice between 5 different radiant colors. Just choose the color which matches your particular color scheme.

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RelatedNordic Lifting Elbow Compression Brace

Nordic Lifting’s braces are woven from high-quality Nylon yarn. To provide extra compression, they contain latex and spandex reinforcements too. This feels great on the skin because of the supported compression they provide. If you want to prevent an injury and quickly alleviate soreness, stiffness, pain, or swelling in your elbows, then you will benefit immensely from these compression sleeves.

The sleeves are recommended for people who love to perform intense workouts, whether it is climbing or CrossFit training. There are multiple sizes available, such as Small (7.9” – 9.4”), Medium (9.4” to 11.6”), Large (11.6” to 13.4”), Extra Large (13.4” to 15”).

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Sparthos Elbow Brace

RelatedSparthos can support your elbow immensely. It will stabilize and secure your elbow while you’re in the gym lifting weights or trying to build your body like a Spartan warrior. The warmth of the compression is meant to relax your muscles and keep them from feeling too much pain or discomfort. But you can also wear the Sparthos Elbow Brace outside of the gym too. For instance, if you’re trying to heal a sprained or injured elbow, you can wear this brace underneath your regular work clothes or casual clothes and remain stylish.

There several colors and sizes available which accommodate arms of many different sizes, shapes, and color schemes. The sizes include small (7” to 8.5”), medium (8.5” to 9.5”), large (9.5” to 10.75”), and extra large (10.75” to 12”).

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Venom Elbow Strap

Venom Arm Strap

The Venom Elbow Strap is made to rehabilitate inflamed elbow joints. It does this using heat therapy and compression which targets the joints directly. This helps boost blood flow to the elbow, allowing the muscle swelling and pain to be reduced. If you suffer from elbow conditions like general elbow pain, arthritis, golfer’s elbow, elbow tendonitis, or tennis elbow, then you will want to try the Venom Elbow Strap.

The Venom Elbow Strap is resistant to the wear and tear that normally comes from daily workouts in the gym. Its fabric is very durable and contains the proper support and elasticity necessary to stay strong for a long time. There are even anti-slip properties integrated into the design as well. That means you don’t need to worry about the sleeve slipping or getting bunched up on your elbow.

You will find the following sizes available for this strap: small, medium, large, and extra-large. As a bonus, you will receive a PDF informational guide which teaches you various elbow rehabilitation workouts. Venom is an internationally recognized brand which we love because its gear is designed specifically for pro athletes. Several UFC fighters rely on Venom for their sporting accessories.

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Mava Sports Elbow Support

RelatedIf you need additional support for your elbow in the gym or athletic field, then you will want these flexible sleeves. They’re designed to prevent injuries and alleviate pain, especially the pain that comes from carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm tendonitis, golf elbow, tennis elbow, and arthritis.

The Mava Sports Elbow Support is quite unique because it contains both bamboo fiber and charcoal fiber in it. These are natural fibers that allow the sleeve to be flexible and durable. In addition, they are comfortable to wear and easily support those who have sensitive skin. You can choose anywhere from a small to extra-extra-large size sleeve. This is perfect for bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes, and anyone with huge elbows and arms.  The sleeve comes in grey and black colors.

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CopperJoint Copper Fit Sleeve

RelatedThe CopperJoint Copper Fit Sleeve has all the attributes you would want in an elbow sleeve. It is comfortable against your skin, lightweight, strong, and gives the proper support to your muscles and joints. Great for tennis or golf players. Any elbow injuries resulting in pain or swelling will heal quickly with this sleeve on it.

If that isn’t good enough, then you will be happy to know that the CopperJoint Copper Fit Sleeve does not cause any nasty odors to form. The copper material in the sleeve will fight off the microbes which cause smelly odors. Plus, it will provide warmth to your joints and allow moisture to get through. The anti-slip design is also a nice feature because it prevents the sleeve from slipping off your arm or getting creased as you’re working out. You will have maximum mobility and comfort which makes it easier to work out.

The size range of the sleeve goes from small to extra-extra-large.

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UFlex Athletics Elbow Compression Support

Related Image, UFlex The UFlex Athletics Elbow Compression Support is popular amongst dancers, athletes, golfers, bodybuilders, and any type of competitive athlete who needs support for their elbow. But it is not just for sportspeople, though. This compression brace will benefit anyone who performs physical activities, whether they’re gardening in the backyard or swinging a golf club on a golf course.

The UFlex Athletics Elbow Compression Support is unique amongst its competition because it features an innovative 3D knitting technology that makes the brace feel smooth when you wear it. There is also gradual compression so that it doesn’t feel too rough on your elbow. In addition, your skin won’t get irritated either because of the anti-itch fabrics used to make this brace.

You can get this compression support in small size, medium size, and large size.

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How Compression Sleeves Promote Faster Healing

Applying ice and compression to an elbow injury has been common for decades. However, compression is actually more important than ice. If you purchase a good compression sleeve, you will have the best healing imaginable. But first, you should understand how compression is able to heal in this way.

  • Combats Inflammation – An elbow that experiences swelling and inflammation can be quite painful. Not only that, but it can also prevent your elbow from healing fast. But if you apply compression to the swollen elbow, it will help reduce this swelling and increase the healing. You can certainly apply ice along with it to assist even more.
  • Lowers Edema – When a lot of fluid builds inside of a wound, this is called edema. It is like swelling because it blocks the natural healing abilities of your body. Edema can also reduce your range of motion in the affected area. If you injure your knees and develop edema, then it will be difficult to perform certain actions, such as bending and walking. The two things that can eliminate the extra fluid from the knees are elevation and compression.
  • Lymph Fluid – Compression stimulates lymph fluid flow in the body. This is important because the lymph fluid contains vital nutrients which can heal damaged tissues and cells. This means if you have a wound, it can heal that quickly and encourage new tissue to grow back and regenerate.
  • Blood Circulation – Tissue repair is only possible if there is a consistent flow of oxygen to it. Since blood delivers oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body, then you’ll want good blood circulation. But if you have inflammation or swelling due to an injury somewhere, the blood circulation is diminished. As a result, the body cannot heal the wounded area too quickly. You need an adequate compression sleeve for the affected area so that more blood can flow to it. If there’s more blood, there is more oxygen which means the damaged tissue will now heal properly.
  • Fast Tissue Regeneration – This is the ultimate benefit of a compression sleeve. When you boost the flow of oxygen, blood, and lymph fluid to a wounded area, the swelling is reduced because the fluid buildup in it is eliminated. Meanwhile, the body starts to heal the damaged tissues quickly. This is great news for injured athletes who want to get back on the field fast.

Considerations to Make Before Buying an Elbow Compression Sleeve

Don’t rush to purchase an elbow compression sleeve just yet. There are some things you need to look for in these sleeves before you settle on one of them.

Picture of a man holding his injured elbow


You’ll want your sleeve to be made of a material that is comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. Since you’ll likely wear this sleeve while performing workouts or physical activities, the breathability of the material will go a long way toward staying cool. Plus, it won’t irritate your skin or cause itchiness.

So, be sure to check the material first. This is even more important if you’ve got an allergy to latex since some of these sleeves contain latex material. If this applies to you, then stay away from the latex-based sleeves.


A compression sleeve is not meant to use if you’ve suffered a serious injury to your elbow. It is supposed to be used to alleviate existing pain and to reduce the chance of future injuries. But if you already have injuries, the compression sleeve won’t protect them. Try an elbow brace instead. Of course, talk to your doctor first just to make sure you’re using the right product.


Your compression sleeve should have a long lifespan. This means you need to find sleeves made from durable fabrics and materials. Anything that has double stitching is good too.

Length of Time to Wear

If a doctor has recommended that you wear the compression sleeve, then wear it for however long they suggested. Otherwise, you should only wear the sleeve periodically rather than all the time. You need to make sure your skin can breathe, so wear it sparingly. The average person will only wear the sleeve when they’re at the gym or performing some time of physical exercise. That way, they help prevent elbow injury or pain. The compression sleeve should never be considered a replacement for getting medical help. Something like a torn ligament or knee blow out needs a doctor’s care. Therefore, try wearing the compression sleeve when you’re lifting weights, playing tennis, golfing, and other types of activities like these. When you’re done, take the sleeve off.

Related imageHow to Make Your Elbow Stronger?

It is possible to build up elbow strength and reduce the chances of injuries from happening again. This can be done by stretching and exercising the joint daily. Consult with your doctor prior to doing this just to be safe, especially if you’ve suffered a serious injury to your elbow.

Below are some ways to increase your elbow strength:

  • Exercises with a Dumbbell – Exercising with dumbbells is a great way to build strength in your elbows and arm muscles, including your pectorals and forearms too. Dumbbells are better to use than machines because they target muscles which are responsible for stabilization and assistance. The best exercises to do for strengthening your elbows with dumbbells are thumb-up wrist curls, regular wrist curls, and wrist rotations.
  • Exercises with a Barbell – Instead of using dumbbells, use a barbell to do your elbow exercises. You can strengthen your elbows by doing wrist curls, barbell curls, reverse wrist curls, triceps extensions, and reverse curls. This will help make your entire arm more stable and stronger, as well as your chest and shoulders too. Most importantly, your elbows will be stronger. If you’ve never done these exercises before, you should consult with a personal trainer first.
  • Push Ups and Pull Ups – If you want to strengthen all the gripping muscles and elbow flexing muscles in your forearms, then you should do a lot of push-up and pull-up exercises. Use bungee straps for added support if you’re unable to do reps on your own. Push-ups target your upper arm’s triceps muscles. These exercises can be done anywhere. Pull-ups or press ups can also be done anywhere if you have a chin-up bar handy.
  • Picture of elbow resistance bandsResistance Bands – Resistance Bands use resistance to strengthen your elbow muscles and all the other stabilizing areas which support your arm. Some of the exercises you can do for this include wrist rotations, reverse wrist curls, regular wrist curls, hammer curls, thump-up wrist curls, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, reverse biceps curls, and triceps extensions. Since you’ll be doing several repetitions, these exercises will feel like a cardiovascular workout.
  • Grip Exercises – When you increase your grip strength, it reduces the strain in your elbow and lower arm. Search for different types of grip exercises on the internet and practice them. These exercises may involve something like squeezing a stress ball or towel.
  • Forearm Stretches – If you stretch before any physical activity, it reduces the chances of injury. Therefore, stretch your forearm to loosen up your elbow before physical activity.

Common Injuries to the Elbow

Elbows get injured frequently because they’re used in most sporting and weight lifting activities. In fact, they’re used frequently while working jobs too, such as painting or typing. Below are some of the most common elbow injuries you can expect.

GIF of Elbow Exercises with DumbbellsTennis Elbow

When you use your forearm muscles too much in physical activities like golfing, swimming, tennis playing, plumbing, gardening, carpentering, or anything that requires you to lift something, then you can develop tennis elbow. Sometimes even playing a musical instrument can cause this to happen. Tennis elbow causes pain on the outside of the elbow.

Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is like tennis elbow. The difference is that the interior of the elbow will have more pain than the exterior. Any activity where you throw or swing an object a lot will cause golfer’s elbow.

Fractured and Broken Bones

At the elbow joint, the forearm bones and upper arm bones tend to get damaged frequently. The smallest fracture can result in intense pain. Most people get injured here because they have a terrible fall or get into a car accident. Any type of trauma to the elbow will result in a fracture.


The elbow has a tendon with connective tissue which can easily tear. This can range from a microtear or sprain to a severe tear. When you use your elbow too much or experience trauma, these results can occur.

Picture showing bursitisElbow Bursitis

When the bursa is inflamed, this is called elbow bursitis. In case you don’t know, the bursa is a tiny fluid sac in the body which lubricates areas where your skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones rub together. The bursa becomes inflamed if it is strained from too much use. You can treat it with ice and plenty of rest in most cases. But severe conditions will require professional medical treatment because an infection may occur if the bursa is too swollen.

Flexor Tendinitis

Consistent throwing motions may irritate your flexor or pronator tendons, which are located on the side of the inner elbow where they’re connected to the humerus bone. Tennis players often have this problem. When you go to throw or swing something, the inner elbow will be very uncomfortable and painful. Severe tendinitis will result in chronic pain that lasts all the time, even when you’re not using the elbow.

Ulnar Collateral Ligament InjuryUlnar Collateral Ligament Injury

Anyone who does a lot of throwing will eventually injure their ulnar collateral ligament. This is seen in people who play volleyball, cricket, and baseball. UCL causes injuries which can be mildly painful or very painful. There may be a small amount of damage or severe inflammation and ligament tears. The latter will force you to seek medical help immediately. When you experience such an injury, you will experience pain and weakness in your inner elbow.

Valgus Extension Overload

Valgus extension overload happens when the humerus and olecranon bones start grinding together and causing damage to the cartilage which protects the bones. If you experience this condition, then you’ll have a lot of pain and swelling in the area where the bones collide.

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