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The 8 Best Decompression Belts for Back Pain [Updated May 2019]

Chronic back pain can make life more difficult. You’ll want to find relief in any way you can. It will be hard to think about anything else until do. For this reason, spinal decompression belts are the best solution for alleviating back pain as well as symptoms relating to it.

Spinal decompression is an effective nonsurgical treatment for alleviating back pain. It uses motorized traction to calmly stretch the spine, which alters the spinal position and overall force of it. As a result, the spinal disks don’t have as much pressure placed on them. In case you didn’t know, your spine has gel-like cushions called spinal disks which exist in between the bones of your vertebrae. If they experience any negative pressure from something like spinal decompression, then it will help retract any existing herniated disks or bulging disks. It’ll also relax the nerves of your spine and its structures. Then your spinal disks will receive a nice steady flow of nutrient-based fluids, water, and oxygen. This promotes the healing process of the disks.

The best decompression belt is a fabulous product which is very effective when it comes to alleviating back pain. According to doctors, spinal decompression belts can help with the following issues:

  • Any type of neck pain or back pain.
  • Sciatica; a condition where the extent of the leg experiences tingling, pain, and weakness.
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Herniated Disks / Bulging Disks
  • Posterior facet syndrome (which is when the spinal joints wear down)
  • Damaged spinal nerve roots (diseased or injured)

The 8 Best Decompression Belts For Back Pain

1) Dr.Ho’s Decompression Belt & Lumbar Support 


Picture of Dr. Ho's Back BeltDR HO’s Decompression Back Belt can alleviate the pain of your lower back, herniated discs, or bulging discs. You’ll also have less stiffness in your back region as well.

Some of the most useful features included with the decompression belt are a hand pump for inflation purposes and a DVD instruction manual which teaches you how to use it. There is also an included bag which lets you keep the hand pump and belt together as you hold them. The belt goes through a vertical stretch when it is inflated, which allows pressure to be relieved from an aching disc. Not only that, but your posture is improved, and your lower back is better stabilized.

While Dr. Ho’s back belt decompresses your spinal discs and the joints in your lower back, it also alleviates the weight of your upper body too. There are several sizes available for this belt. To find out which is the best size for you, watch the video manual which teaches you about measuring the size of the belt that you need. As a bonus, certain policies offer insurance with the belt. Check them out if you need them.

Main Benefits:

  • Alleviates tension in the lower back
  • Suitable for any size or age
  • Size A = 21 to 45 and Size B = 42-55


2) HailiCare Decompression Back Belt


Hailicare Decompression BraceThe HailiCare Decompression Back Belt gives you the best possible relief for your back pain. It uses velcro to secure it in place around your lower back region. The belt provides both decompression therapy and clinical traction therapy. Never submerge your HailiCare belt in water in order to wash it.

A hand pump is used to inflate the belt. There are vertical bumpy lines on the hand pump which give your hand more friction while it’s against the pump. Before you put on the belt, make sure it is completely inflated. You must also detach the pump from the belt first too. When the time comes to deflate the belt, there is a plastic key in its front pocket which lets you deflate it.

The HailiCare Decompression Back Belt is a one size fits all type belt. It can accommodate waists that are a minimum of 29 inches up to a maximum of 49 inches. The materials of the belt include cotton for the inner layer, polyurethane for the outer layer, and thermoplastic polyurethane for the traction in the inner layer.

Main Benefits:

  • Lightweight, Mobile, and Strong.
  • Compatible with waists of many different sizes.
  • Flexible enough to be used during many types of activities.


3) HailiCare Lumbar Support Decompression Relief Belt


Hailicare Lumbar Support ProductThe HailiCare Lumbar Support Decompression Relief is effective, affordable, and alleviates virtually all types of back pain issues. It has multiple therapeutic functions, including heat therapy, clinical traction therapy, and decompression therapy. When you wear this belt, it keeps your lumbar spine totally protected. Wear it when your sleeping, sitting, relaxing, or exercising and experience the amazing sensation of pain relief and wellness. There is no charging cable to plug in as you wear the belt. It runs on battery power for quite a long time. That way, you can have convenience and mobility as you wear it. There is hardly any cleaning that will need to be done either.

The temperature can be set to high or low, depending on your preferences. The HailiCare Lumber Support Decompression Relief uses Velcro to stay secured to your lower back. Whether you’re a big or slim person, this belt should fit you well. The Velcro straps make it comfortable for people of virtually any size.

Main Benefits:

  • Simple to operate
  • Strong, attractive, and lightweight
  • Flashlight integration
  • Very little power needed; battery lasts a long time
  • High-temperature and low-temperature operation


4) EverTone Spinal Decompression Lumbar Traction Device

Evertone Lumbar Traction Brace

The Spinal Decompression Lumbar Traction Device by EverTone features a large Velcro hook on the end which keeps it secured to your body. The unique thing about this device is that it supports your back while you lift weights. Most other belt products won’t let you lift weights. In addition, you can wear the device for many other activities too, such as gardening, driving, or working.

This belt device relaxes the lower back muscles and strengthens your entire core and back. Basically, the device takes the pressure off the lower back because it lifts the weight of the upper body off it. That way, your pinched nerves in the back are relieved and your back muscles can finally relax. People of any age or gender can benefit from this belt.

When the belt is inflated with air, it remains thin, lightweight and mobile. It is the perfect device for treating somebody with degenerative discs, scoliosis, or lumbar vertebra hyperglycemia. If you sit down for a long time during the day or night, then this product was made just for you.

Main Benefits:

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Long lasting relief
  • Durable and versatile
  • You don’t need pills.
  • Treats degenerative discs, pinched nerves, and sore back.


5) HONGJING Lumbar Support Belt Relief

Picture of the Hongjing Lumbar Support Brace

The HONGJING Lumbar Support Belt Relief provides immediate relief for your severe spinal disc issue. You can receive long-lasting relief for several back-related issues, such as back pain, tense muscles, sciatica, herniated disc, and any type of discomfort in the back.

When the belt is inflated with air, it is mobile, lightweight, thin, and useful for the person using it. Take it anywhere or wear it while performing any activity. It works by lifting the weight of your upper body off the lower back region. That way, the pinched nerves are no longer stressed as much. Then you’ll feel amazing pain relief in the back.

Please Note: Don’t wash the device by immersing it in water. Water or alcohol-soaked wipes are acceptable for wiping away dirt from it. Don’t expose the device to sunlight or heat. Store it somewhere cool and dry. Don’t put too much air in the device.

The extension belt length is 9.8 inches; the traction standing length is 45.2 inches; the deflated belt width is 5.1 inches; the inflated belt width is 7.9 inches. The materials of the belt include polyurethane for the outer layer, cotton for the inner layer, and thermoplastic polyurethane for the inflated inner cover.

Main Benefits:

  • Can fit a waist size of between 29 inches and 49 inches
  • Flexible enough to be used during many types of activities.


6) Leawell Electric Pump Decompression Back Belt

Leawell Lumbar Decompression Brace

The Leawell Electric Pump Decompression Back Belt is one of the easiest decompression lumbar traction belts you will ever use. While this company is better known for their neck traction devices, this back traction belt is top notch. It is a device which can correct poor posture and support your lower back when you’re experiencing pain. Best of all, it gives your lumbar vertebra some amazing stability. Now you can get the proper posture support and relief while watching television, driving, sleeping, or sitting at the computer.

If the lumbar vertebra doesn’t function properly or gets damaged, this belt can give it the support it needs to get better. It does this by stretching out the lumbar invertebrate disc so that no more damage occurs while it is healing. When you purchase the belt, it will include a hand pump, user manual, and a brace. The hand pump lets you control the pressure and weight of the belt as you’re wearing it. How cool is that?

You can adjust the length of the belt up to 44.5 inches. This means it can adapt to a waist or neck of any size. When you first put on the belt, don’t keep it on for longer than 60 minutes. This will ensure that no side effects are experienced. Once this is confirmed, you can wear the belt for longer periods of time.

Main Benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Versatility
  • The hand pump is detachable
  • Supports back and neck posture
  • Comfortable to wear


7) Decompression Lumbar Support Brace


Compression Back BeltWhen your spinal discs suffer from bulging, degeneration, wear & tear, and aging, it becomes more difficult to bend and move like normal. Your muscles carry most of the stress placed on your body so that your spine can remain stable and functional. If you have tense muscles as well as spinal disc issues, then you’ll be in pain and have limited mobility.

Fortunately, the Decompression Support Instant Relief Lumbar can give you immediate back pain relief, lower back support, and spinal disc support. Then you’ll be able to bend and move like normal without so much pain and discomfort. Decompression therapy and clinical traction are the two key features of this belt. While other belts may have these features too, this particular decompression therapy belt works immediately to provide relief. Then you can find relief from your back pain, sciatica, sore muscles, pinched nerves, and herniated disc.

Most importantly, your lumbar vertebra isn’t under as much pressure and your lower back muscles will loosen up. Anybody can wear this belt, whether you’re young, old, fat, or skinny. The straps make it easy to adjust to your waist size. Then you can wear the belt while walking, sitting, driving, or doing any number of other activities.

Main Benefits:

  • Better posture
  • Lower back stability and steadiness
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • The inter-vertebral disc has less of a load
  • Reduces pain and pressure on the pinched nerves


8) Physio Decompression Belt by SWAKER

Physio Decompression Belt

The Physio Decompression Lumbar Support Massage is one of the best belt products for alleviating chronic back pain. It provides both decompression therapy and clinical traction treatment. This helps correct your posture and promotes lower back stability. In addition, it stretches lower back muscles, reduces stiff muscles, and alleviates lower back pain. Most importantly, it takes some of the pressure away from your lumbar ring because the ligaments don’t have as much weight put on them.

People of any age, gender or size can wear this belt around their waist. If you have a waist size between 29 inches and 49 inches, then you can wear this belt comfortably and get relief. There is even an extension pad to accommodate bigger users too. The belt can be worn during any number of activities, such as driving, walking, golfing, and working. It is so lightweight around your waist that you’ll hardly notice it.

NOTE: You cannot relax with this belt around your waist. Also, don’t clean the belt by dipping it into water. Don’t dry it under sunlight either.

The traction belt length is 45.2 inches; the deflated width of the belt is 5.1 inches; the inflated width of the belt is 7.9 inches; the extension belt length is 25.0 centimeters.  The materials used to make this product include thermoplastic polyurethane, cotton, and polyurethane.

Main Benefits:

  • Relieves spinal pressure
  • Pain relief
  • Pressure relief from pinched nerves



Important Considerations When Purchasing a Decompression Belt

When you see a good-looking decompression belt product advertised on the internet or anywhere else, don’t immediately assume it’s the perfect belt for you. It is important to ask around and see what other people are saying about it. Basically, you must understand which features that you will need your decompression belt to have. That way, you won’t spend money on something that doesn’t work well for you.

Below, we’ll explore 6 key things to think about before making a final purchasing decision.


Your instinct will be to look for the cheapest decompression brace. While it’s always a good idea to look for bargains, you also need to consider the quality of the product. It is not worth saving money if you end up with an expired or counterfeit decompression belt.

Therefore, try to find a balance between quality and affordability. Check out the most recommended products and then look for bargains on there.

Illustration showing the range of therapy of a back compression beltRange of Therapy

The purpose of wearing decompression belts is to alleviate back pain. This could be pain brought on by any number of disorders and conditions. Before you purchase a decompression belt product, find out which disorders it is designed to treat.

In most cases, a decompression belt can help people who are suffering from compressed muscles, bulging spinal discs, or herniated spinal discs. Other conditions can be helped too, including back pain, scoliosis, and heart problems. So, look into what your belt product can treat before investing money into it.


The weight of the decompression belt is a huge consideration. If you want the belt to be comfortable around your waist, then its weight needs to be as light as possible. Otherwise, a heavy belt that is bulky will put a lot of resistance on your body. Then it will be difficult to move around, and you’ll be forced to stay in one spot. Each time you want to change positions, you’ll have to remove the belt first. That is very annoying. So, you must think about the weight of the belt so that you pick one which is light and comfortable for you to wear.


You’ll want a flexible compression belt. That is the best way to get awesome back support no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors. You’ll want to be able to do any activity while wearing your decompression belt, including sleep, walk, swim, or work. This can only happen if the belt is flexible and can be extended. Stay away from the belts which state “Indoor use only” or “Outdoor use only.”

Easy to Use

Everyone wants a decompression brace which is easy for them to use. Usually, these types of belts don’t require you to have any special training or technical skills in order to be worn properly. However, some decompression supports require a certain level of understanding prior to their use. Make sure you read up on this before making a purchase.


Decompression belts come in different sizes. The best belts are adjustable or come in several sizes to accommodate people of different sizes, such as fat or skinny people.

How Well Do Spinal Decompression Belts Work?

ButtonDecompression belts have not been on the market for very long. The target audience of these products are people suffering from chronic lower back pain, especially if a herniated disc caused it. Because it is still a relatively new product, there have been few studies into how effective it actually is for alleviating people’s back pains.

Spinal decompression therapy itself has been around for a while to help people suffering from discogenic pain. This form of therapy allows for more disc space so that a steady flow of fluids and nutrients can reach the injured disc. As a result, disc regeneration can occur. The center of herniated discs has fluid in them which leaks out. There are inflammatory proteins in this fluid which can irritate spinal nerves considerably. Degenerated discs will dry up considerably and won’t be able to support your upper body weight. By having more intervertebral space, all lost fluids can be reabsorbed by the discs so that they’ll be normal again.

Traditionally, a decompression machine or inversion table is how decompression was done. Decompression machines are what chiropractors sometimes use in their offices. This machine has a table on it which you lie down on. A belt is then wrapped around your torso which slowly pulls apart the vertebrae in order to boost intervertebral space. The response of your muscles from this treatment can be monitored by a biofeedback mechanism. This can reduce the chance of muscle strain. As for an inversion table, you simply lie down on it and then get tilted upside down at different angles and degrees. Then gravity takes over to give relief to the spine. Another option is to wear inversion boots, which are basically the same as an inversion table. The decompression machine is the most cost-efficient option we’ve tested.

Dr. Ho invented a decompression belt which causes the lumbar spine to stretch as the belt is inflated with air. There are safety instructions which should be followed to reduce the chances of overstretching the muscles or spine. Perhaps the biggest advantage of decompression belts is that an ordinary individual can use them at home. Although you could purchase an inversion table for yourself too, a belt is far more convenient because you can wear it wherever you go. Then you can save far more time than you would with the inversion table treatment.

Decompression belts not only treat herniated discs, but they also treat lower back pain due to overloading. They can give your spine and back muscles the assistance they need to reduce stress brought on by heavy lifting, too much standing, or too much sitting. Belts can also fix your posture while getting rid of the pain.

Decompression Brace Precautions

Back pain treatment will always have some risks. For instance, if you wear a decompression belt for too long, it could weaken your core muscles because these muscles will be used to this extra support. If you want a healthy and strong back, then you must keep your core strong too. That is why exercising while wearing a decompression belt is a great way to counterbalance the two effects.

ButtonAnother risk is ending up with lower back muscles which are too tight. Whenever you have tense muscles, it is harder for them to stretch and be flexible. If you inflate the belt to try and stretch these tense muscles, you could end up with even more pain. Self-myofascial release is something good to help your tense lower back muscles prior to wearing a decompression belt.

Don’t wear the decompression belt if you suffer from osteoporosis, respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases, or fractures of the hip, lumbar spine, or rib. Children or pregnant women should not wear the belt either.

It’ll cost more than $300 to purchase a decompression belt. You could pay less out of pocket on Amazon.com if you really want to. However, you won’t get coverage for this by most insurance companies. Medicare does give reimbursements to people who use this belt for their back-pain treatment.


Whether you’re a regular person or athlete, we hope you have learned some valuable information about decompression belts and how to purchase the best one for your needs. No matter what, always talk to your primary care physician first before using any type of decompression product. Your doctor may be able to guide you further on how to use the belt while dealing with any particular condition that you have.

We’ve chosen all the belts on this list very carefully through trial and error. We hope you can now make an informed decision without having to make a bad investment.

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