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Ultimate Guide: The Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Does it cause you to have trouble sleeping at night? If so, then you’re just one of the millions of people who are in this type of situation. The severity levels of the pain may differ between sufferers, but it tends to get worse as time goes on. The cause of back pain can be attributed to injury, strain, or poor posture.

Recently, there’s a new product available to help back pain sufferers find relief. It’s called a body pillow – a pillow around the size of a mattress. It provides total comfort and support to the whole body by relieving back strain while lying down. That way, the person can easily relax when they have back pain issues.

Most people sleep on their side because it is the easiest way to fall asleep. But if you have existing back conditions, then sleeping on your side can cause pain. Some of these conditions may include spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, muscle spasms, herniated disc, bulging discs, and sciatica.

Body pillows should be thought of as therapeutic solutions to your back-pain issues. They work great for side sleeping because they support your head, neck, legs, and arms. Each body pillow is narrow but long enough to comfort every inch of your body. Not only does it help with back pain, but it also helps with neck pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder stretching, and pregnancy. There are different types of body pillows available on the market. You must simply choose the best one for your needs.

The Top 5 Best Body Pillows for Back Pain

When you go shopping for a body pillow, you must consider its shape, size, and the materials it’s made from.

You may also have personal preferences about the softness and firmness of the body pillow too. Some of these pillows are made from wool, organic cotton, or synthetic polyester.

Body pillows are usually shaped like a “U,” but they may also be shaped like a hook or rectangle too.

#1: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Picture of a woman using a Leachco Snoogle body pillowThe Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is shaped like a candy cane. It is a popular body pillow amongst people who suffer from chronic neck pain and back pain, and one of the best body pillows for pregnancy. The pillow has also been known to assist people who suffer from digestive conditions, such as respiratory ailments and acid reflux.


A nurse originally designed the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow to help pregnant women deal with their back pain. However, this pillow can help virtually anybody who has a back-pain issue too. It has a very long head portion to support the upper body and a very wide bottom area to help people get comfortable and sleep in different positions.

There will be very little tossing and turning when you’re hugging this body pillow at night because your spine will feel supported and relieved. The Leachco Snoogle is much bigger than the Comfort U body pillow but much lighter in weight. Even though the pillow is firm, it is extremely comfortable and relaxing to lie on.

More Notes:

  • The weight is 6.4 lbs.
  • It is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.
  • The dimensions are 36” x 22” x 13”.
  • The pillow itself cannot be washed in a machine. You can only wash the pillow cover in there.

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#2: The Comfort U Shaped Full Body Pillow

Picture of the Comfort U Shape PillowYou can probably guess that the Comfort U Body Support Pillow is shaped like a “U.” A body pillow like this can support the back and front sides of your body when sleeping on your side. This is also considered as one of the top pregnancy pillows. There is no need to move or adjust the pillow when you decide to roll over during the night. You can lie on your right or left side and switch to any sleeping position that you want, and the pillow will align to that position just fine.

The Comfort U is a huge body pillow which can fit easily on a king-sized bed. For those of you with a queen-sized bed, it may feel overcrowded with two people on the same bed with this pillow underneath them. Ideally, this pillow is meant to accommodate pregnant women or mothers who are nursing. It supports the full body of the user while alleviating their existing back pain at the same time.

More Notes:

  • The weight is 10 lbs.
  • The Comfort U is filled with a high-quality synthetic fiber called Fusion Foss. This is basically an extended polymer in which air can pass through freely and easily. A cotton cover is included with it too.
  • The dimensions are 20.9” x 16.6” x 12.7”.
  • You can wash the Comfort U in a washing machine.

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#3: The Holy Lamb Organics Pillow

Picture of the Holy Lamb Organics Pillow on a mattress

The Holy Lamb is an organic body pillow which has a pure wool filling and a cover made from organic cotton sateen. This is a lot different than those other body pillows which have a synthetic polyester filling.

Organic bedding is important to have because it means you’re not sleeping on any toxins or chemicals. This particular total body pillow is shaped like a rectangle, which means tossing and turning is still possible. But at least you won’t have to worry about the toxins. Most importantly, your back pain will be greatly reduced.

More Notes:

  • The weight is 3.8 lbs.
  • It is made from organic wool.
  • The dimensions are 17” x 53”.
  • You can wash the body pillow in a washing machine. The Holy Lamb happens to be the smallest body pillow mentioned in this list, but it is the healthiest to lie on.

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#4: Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow 

Picture of a pregnant woman laying on the Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Pregnant women usually have a tough time finding a comfortable pillow. They often must stack pillows on top of one another just to get a little bit comfortable. But according to reviews of the Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow, this is clearly the best body pillow for pregnancy. This pillow is designed to be both ergonomic and smooth so that anyone using it can experience the right amount of firmness and comfort.

Women who are pregnant or have just given birth will love this pillow. It reduces a lot of the challenges that new mothers face, especially when it comes to feeding their young. You can choose between 6 vibrant looking colors. If you have neck pain, there is no better body pillow to alleviate it than this one.

The Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow will give you a great night sleep. It is comfortable and soft to the touch, guaranteeing that your night will be restful. It provides amazing support to your shoulders and neck because it balances your body weight. Meanwhile, other areas of your body will feel more comfortable, such as your legs, belly, lower back, and muscles. The Naomi body pillow has an inner curve which supports the belly as you sleep. It is cushioned to elevate your back and keep it comfortable throughout the night.

The pillowcase is 100% cotton and comprised of 300 threads. It is a hypoallergenic pillow case which can be taken off the pillow easily.

The filling is thick enough to give your body the proper amount of support it needs. The shape will never be lost nor will it ever be too stiff.


  • Great for alleviating shoulder pain.
  • Can be a comfortable feeding pillow.
  • The pillow hugs your whole body; accommodating to people who sleep on their sides.


  • Not suitable for sleepers who like to keep their legs open at night. 

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#5: Leachco All Nighter – Pregnancy/Maternity Total Body Pillow

Related image, woman using a Leachco All Nighter body pillow

It can be difficult to sleep at night when you must deal with leg swelling, back pain, and neck stiffness. It is even worse for pregnant women to experience these symptoms because they’re more intense for them. Any type of sleeping problem like insomnia can negatively affect your overall well-being. You must fix this problem immediately once it is present.

The Leachco All Nighter is a pillow that can certainly help you get past these kinds of problems. A nurse designed this pillow to accommodate pregnant women, but it has expanded to help just about everyone suffering from sleeping problems. It is shaped like a candy cane to provide total body support. Each area of your body will be completely relaxed, everything from your head and neck straight down to your toes. The pillow is shaped to make just about anybody comfortable.

You’ll have the best night sleep of your life. It supports your neck, legs, shoulders, pelvic region, and belly to make this all happen. Place the pillow in any position that you want to create the best feeling ever. Your spine will stay aligned as cool air is allowed to pass through to your body.

The Leachco All Nighter is made in the United States. It is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

You can wash and reuse the pillow cover. Most of the filling is polyester which regulates your body temperature.


  • Great for overweight people who sleep on their side.
  • Great for back and neck pain sufferers.
  • Great for alleviating the symptoms of digestive or respiratory conditions.


  • The padding goes flat quickly.
  • The synthetic material is too cheap and wears out fast. The fabric cannot be breathed through, causing your body to feel hot quickly.

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What is a Body Pillow?

An oversized pillow is the best way to describe a body pillow. It gives comfort and relief to the entire body at night when you’re sleeping. Some people say it is the size of a mattress because it can cover the entire mattress on your bed. This ensures that all the pressure points of your body are relieved of any pain. You also won’t toss and turn so much either.

How To Use Body Pillows

You can use a body pillow in any number of ways. It all depends on what makes you comfortable. Below are some ways that body pillows are used:

  • Lay down on the body pillow so that your whole body is on top of it.
  • Sleep on your left side with the pillow between your legs. Move your right leg over the pillow to cradle it toward your body.
  • Hug the pillow with your arms. Your hands can also rest gently on the pillow too.

If you want to use the body pillow another way, prop it up on the bed and sit down with your back lying against it on the wall.

What Are The Benefits of Using Body Pillows for Back Pain?

Huge body pillows like these can provide you with a night of better night sleep. Back pain will be a thing of the past and you won’t get woken up because of it anymore.

Supports the Whole Body

Body pillows support the whole body, including while side sleeping. Put the pillow in between your knees at night to keep your spine aligned and to reduce any existing back pain. This is especially helpful for people suffering from sciatica, bulging discs, or hernias.

Picture of a woman supporting her back on a body pillow

Relaxes Muscles

When your body is aligned as you sleep, your entire body distributes weight evenly. This promotes better blood circulation, more relaxed muscles, and better breathing.

Reduces Anxiety

When you hug this big pillow, it can reduce any stress and anxiety that you’re feeling. It is almost as good as hugging someone you care about.


Pregnancy normally causes back pain in a woman. You should not take pain medications or do certain types of stretches when you’re pregnant. A better way to reduce back pain while pregnant is to use this body pillow when you sleep. It’ll support your baby belly and back together. Sleep will be much more comfortable for you.

Pressure Relief

Body pillows reduce the pressure placed on different areas of the body while you sleep. A regular mattress is too firm to provide this relief. The pillow can support your hips and give you total relaxation if you place it between your knees at night.


Some versions of body pillows allow you to customize their shape, height, and weight. If your pillow is filled with kapok or wool, these natural fills let you customize the pillow easily. You should customize your body pillow to accommodate the specific injury or pain that you’re experiencing.

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