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Best Ankle Support Braces of 2019 – Which Is Right For You?

When you’ve injured your ankle, the best way to recover quickly is to use an ankle support brace. Don’t just lie in bed with a sprained or rolled ankle because it will take longer to recover. The trick to a speedy recovery is finding the right ankle support and then wearing it until your ankle is better.  Meanwhile, the brace provides added protection so that you can exercise during your recovery period without injuring yourself again.

We’ve researched several different ankle products on the market. Based on our findings, we’ve put together a list of the best ankle support braces that you can purchase. Each one has gone through vigorous testing to ensure that they meet strict safety standards. That is why we can recommend any of them to you. These ankle braces can help reduce swelling when your ankle is twisted or help you to exercise in the gym again after an injury. Whatever your ankle situation is, these braces can make your life much easier as you recover.

What are the Benefits of Ankle Support Braces?

Below, you’ll find what we think are the 3 main benefits of this type of brace.

Picture of a woman running1. Better Mobility

If you have ankle damage or chronic ankle instability, then strenuous activities will be impossible to perform without an ankle support brace. When we talk about providing stability to the ankle, this means that damaged ligaments or joints can receive added protection and support by the ankle support. Not only can you go back to running, but you can participate in high-intensity sports like tennis, football, or weightlifting. Just be sure to purchase some well-made braces. Basic compression sleeves won’t be good enough for this type of support. Check out the lace-up braces available for better stability.

2. Ankle Balance & Stability

When you’re dealing with a rolled ankle, it can cause pain if you put pressure on it. You may even cause a worse injury to your ankle if there is too much pressure placed on it. But with an ankle support brace, it helps stabilize your ankle and take pressure off it as you walk, jog, or even run. You don’t need to wait for it to completely heal before you do these activities.

3. Aids in Rehab

Great ankle support braces need to help with injuries and rehab. These supports should be able to hold all the ligaments and joints of your ankle together as you move. That way, you can move naturally and help your ligaments and joints rebuild their strength at the same time.

You may be fortunate to have never suffered an ankle injury so far. As great as this is, there could always be a first time. Just to be safe, keep an extra in your locker or gym bag. You’ll be glad you have it if an injury does occur. The support brace can reduce inflammation and swelling within a short amount of time.

The 18 Best Ankle Support Braces: Our Definitive Guide 

Below is a list of the ankle support braces that we recommend for the year 2019. 

1) ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Picture of the ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is recommended for all kinds of people who are at risk of injuring their ankles, including weightlifters, runners, athletes and anyone else who moves around a lot. This recommendation comes from physical therapists, personal trainers, and orthopedic surgeons. Medical Specialties, Inc. manufactures the ASO Ankle Stabilizer in the USA and adheres to the strictest standards set in the country. For this reason, you can be sure the quality is top notch.

What makes the ASO Ankle Stabilizer different from competing ankle support braces is its high level of durability, comfort, and support. This is thanks to its unique contoured tongue and lightweight CoolFlex lining material. When this material is pressed against your skin, it will feel smooth. Not only that, but air can still pass through and cool your skin underneath. You won’t feel any irritation while the ASO is on your ankle.

The fabric provides support to your Achilles area to increase your comfort there as well. With two finger loop laces, you’ll definitely have the most protection possible. But if it feels too tight, you can always loosen the laces.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is perfect if your ankle needs more stability after damaging it slowly throughout the years. This is the best way to get back on the treadmill or take walks outside. There are seven different sizes available. They start from XX-small and go all the way up to 3X Large. You can also choose color schemes that are black and white.



2) OrthoSleeve FS6 Foot Sleeve

Picture of a woman wearing the Orthosleeve foot sleeves

The OrthoSleeve FS6 has been designed for use during physical activities, especially those that are sports related. The sleeve is constructed from 24% spandex and 76% nylon. This combination satisfies all necessary therapeutic standards of firmness, comfort, and stability. As a result, athletes can continue to perform without having to sit on the bench waiting to heal.

If you’ve injured your ankle and experience pain from it, then the OrthoSleeve FS6 can help relieve some of this pain and assist in your recovery. Not only does the medical-grade material of this sleeve feel soft, but it also absorbs moisture too. This allows your skin to breathe better.



3) Bracoo Ankle Support

Picture of the Bracoo brace

The Bracoo Ankle Support can help support the ankle of a man or woman. It is a one size fits all product, so your ankle size does not need to be a factor here. The Neoprene material it is made from is breathable for proper air circulation to your skin. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the functionality of your muscles, skin, and underlying tissues. Don’t worry about skin irritation either because it is minimal.

The contoured design of the Bracoo Ankle Support Brace allows you to easily adjust the support to various angles. With this much flexibility, you’re likely not going to slip from wearing it. And as it is alleviating the pain of your ankle sprain, the support will make the recovery process go faster too.



4) Kunto Fitness Compression Ankle Support Brace

Kunto compression brace

Have you suffered an ankle injury? If so, the Kunto Fitness Compression Ankle Support Brace is the perfect protector and safeguard against any further injury to your ankle as you’re recovering. It can also alleviate any pain you’re feeling due to swelling, sprains, joint aches, or arthritis. The construction of the brace is also quite original because it is less likely to slip or cause chafing. But you can still put it on and remove it quite easily.



5) Mueller Flexible Ankle Stabilizer

Picture of a person putting on the Mueller ankle braceThe Mueller Flexible Ankle Stabilizer has an adjustable design and is constructed from rubber latex material. This provides a soft and smooth feel on your skin. The unique thing about this stabilizer is how comfortable it feels, no matter how tight it is strapped to you. There is a special strapping mechanism which keeps the stabilizer secured on your feet for the most support possible. The flexibility and elasticity of the stabilizer allow for easy adjustments when needed.



6) Zensah Ankle Support

Picture of a foot model wearing the Zensah foot braceThe Zensah Ankle Support is constructed from spandex and nylon. It provides amazing compression for the critical points of your ankle. It is lightweight, soft, smooth, and comfortable against the skin. It is great to wear when performing all kinds of physical activities like running, jogging, volleyball, or basketball. The material even absorbs moisture as you’re sweating. This keeps your ankle dry during strenuous physical activities. Your range of motion won’t be affected either.



7) Aircast Ankle Support Brace

Picture of a person wearing the AirCast AirSportThe Aircast Ankle Support Brace is what you’ll want to wear when doing a high-intensity workout. It protects and supports your ankles while increasing air circulation and blood circulation to them. This can be attributed to its “Breath-O-Prene” material which allows your skin underneath to breathe. To be discrete with the ankle support, you can wear shoes to maintain a low profile and not have any feelings of bulkiness or discomfort. There are even side stabilizers and a single strap for tying and untying. For these reasons, the Aircast is one of the best ankle braces for basketball, tennis, and other sports.



8) Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve 

Picture of a woman wearing the Copper Compression Foot SleevesThe Copper Compression Ankle Sleeve is constructed from nylon material. It also has copper fibers embedded into it too. This ankle compression sleeve offers amazing comfort and support to an injured ankle. It fits comfortably, but securely so that it won’t slip during physical activities. These could be sporting activities like basketball or soccer and it’ll still give you consistent mobility assistance.

Copper Compression’s ankle support brace design allows you to wear it for 24 hours without any kind of odor coming from it. This is definitely worth checking out.



9) McDavid 199 Lightweight Lace-up Ankle Support Brace

Picture of the McDavid 199 Ankle Joint Lace-Up BraceSome people claim the McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace is the best of all the ankle support braces on the market. The brace will stay firmly on your ankle, thanks to the medical-grade spring steel. There is also dual layer polyester material which is completely breathable and helps promote healthy air circulation and blood circulation to the ankle. And with the sturdy construction of the brace, it should last quite a long time. Overall, you’ll enjoy amazing comfort and flexibility as you wear this brace on the go.



10) Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer

Related imageThe Ace Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer is designed for professional athletes who’ve been injured and need to start training again. It can also help anyone with injured ankles that want to resume their favorite physical activities. The Ace Deluxe is made of reinforced stabilizers to make it strong and durable. It has a 3-strap adjustable support system for altering the amount of compression needed.  With breathable fabrics covering your skin, your ankles will remain cooled off rather than moist and sweaty.

The simple sleeve design of the Ace Deluxe allows you to put on your shoes or boots comfortably while wearing it. There is no latex material used either. On the downside, there are not multiple sizes available.



11) Pure Support Ankle Brace

Related imagePure Support is a company that was started by a bunch of sports enthusiasts. They wanted to make better athletic products than what was already on the market. This was their inspiration for creating these products by hand, such as the ankle support brace.

The Pure Support Ankle Brace consists of advanced knitting technology. It wraps the entire heel and ankle to provide additional support to all the critical areas. Everything stays in place with the non-slip bands. The materials of the brace consist of spandex and nylon, which are breathable materials that have moisture control properties. This means no embarrassing odors or wetness as you’re working out.

The compression quality is impressive as well. If you have an injury with swelling, the ankle support brace can reduce the swollen area by allowing more lymph fluids and blood to flow to it.

Like with any ankle support brace, this wouldn’t be a good choice for a seriously injured ankle or foot. This support is better at preventing new juries and helping to heal small wounds.



12) PowerLix Ankle Joint Compression Sleeve

Picture of the PowerLix compression sleeveIf your ankle problems can be described as small to moderate, then you’ll benefit from wearing the PowerLix Ankle Joint Sleeve. It is designed to evenly apply pressure to your entire ankle and take away painful symptoms caused by tendonitis, swelling, sprains, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and muscle fatigue. Even if you don’t have an ankle condition, you should still wear this compression sleeve anyway because it can prevent injury during intense physical activities. You’ll have plenty of pain relief and comfort while wearing this compression sleeve, despite its tight fit on your ankle. Don’t worry about your range of motion because that won’t be affected. It is constructed from materials that do not irritate the skin. This means no itchiness as you wear it.

The PowerLix Compression Sleeve is available in 4 sizes. This is not a one size fits all like some other sleeves claim they are. Any sleeve that comes in one size will likely feel too tight to someone who has big feet. And if you have small feet, the one size sleeve will likely be too baggy. This means it won’t provide the proper level of compression to your ankle.

This is a top selling ankle compression sleeve. It is lightweight which makes it easy to wear and move around quickly at the same time. It may not be the heaviest sleeve on the market, but it gives you enough compression and stability to alleviate your painful symptoms. Then you can perform your sporting activities without any setbacks.



13) McDavid 195 Ankle Strap Support

McDavid Foot Joint SupportAccording to the manufacturer, athletes volunteered to take part in a university research study involving the McDavid ankle support brace. The results revealed that these athletes had a triple reduction in injuries while this brace was on them. Although we have not verified this personally, our own evaluation of this brace makes us believe that it is true. It provides so much ankle stability to professional athletes and sportspeople.

The McDavid ankle support brace’s original strap design sets it apart from its competition. When you put on the straps, it utilizes the strapping pattern of a “figure-6” just like athletic tape does. That is why this brace is more secure than most others out there. Even its compression quality is superior in many ways too. If you need to prevent an injury on the field or get help healing your ankle as you recover, then this is the brace support for you. The design was built with ventilation properties too, so your ankle and foot can stay cool and dry during physical activities.

This is a heavy-duty brace which offers maximum support to your ankle. It is perfect if your instability level is between moderate to severe or if you want to protect your joints after surgery. It is also a proactive way to prevent injury altogether as well.



14) Thx4 Copper Infused Plantar Fasciitis Brace

Picture of the Thx4Copper Heel/Joint SupportThe Copper Infused Plantar Fasciitis Brace does just what the name indicates. If you need assistance in dealing with plantar fasciitis, this ankle support brace is specifically designed for it. The brace is lightweight, so you won’t need to drag around a big weight on your ankle as you walk. It is made from silicon materials with copper fibers woven into them. That is what makes this brace different from the others on the market.

In case you didn’t know, copper is comprised of antimicrobial properties which can eliminate odor-causing bacteria as you sweat. This will keep you smelling fresh and natural as you perform physical activities.

There are 6 sizes available of this brace. They range from small to extra-large. This can help you choose a brace of the right size without having to deal with the bogus “one size fits all” claims of those other braces on the market.



15)  TechWear Pink Sports Ankle Support for Women

Picture of the TechWear Pink Support for WomenIf you want to heal your injured ankle while wearing an attractive pink color over it at the same time, then you’ll want to try the Pink Sports Ankle Support for Women. They are compression socks which are designed to support the ankles of women. If you’re a woman who wants to get back to the gym fast after twisting her ankle, then you need to wear these compression stocks right away.

Of course, there are other color options available besides pink if you want a different color. Whichever color you choose, you’ll have compression socks with T-Brace Foot Map Ribbing technology integrated into them. This will give you quick pain relief from ankle pain, foot pain, swelling, and plantar fasciitis. These conditions can occur whenever you roll or sprain your ankle. The socks are FDA approved to ensure they’re good quality.

The sizes available are between small to extra-large. No matter what size you are, you’ll surely find a size that is just right for you.



16) Sleeve Stars Ankle Wrap Support

RelatedSleeve Stars Ankle Wrap can help your ankle injury recover quickly, so you can start performing your favorite physical activities again. The compression it provides will enhance blood circulation to the ankle and lower inflammation. Best of all, it will alleviate any pain experienced from the Achilles heel, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or any injury or condition related to the foot.

This sleeve is made out of premium quality fabric, which helps it absorb moisture and sweat during physical activity. That way, your feet remain dry without any odors forming. The inner texture is soft and smooth too, which is comfortable against your skin.

As a bonus, you get an ankle strap included with the brace for free. The strap can provide additional support to someone suffering from a sprained ankle or plantar fasciitis. But even if you don’t suffer from these issues, you should keep the Sleeve Stars Ankle Wrap around anyway. You can even wear it on other areas of your body, such as the elbows or knees.

Only one size is available. If you need help recovering for a minor to moderate injury, then try out this ankle wrap right away.



17) Rikeep Adjustable Ankle Strap

Picture of the Rikeep Ankle StrapThe Adjustable Ankle Strap is not exactly a brace, but more of an elastic bandage. You apply it to your ankle the same way you’d apply athletic tape or a normal bandage. You just wrap the strap beneath the heel and around the ankle to cover the tendons and joints. This provides lots of comfort and support to the ankle.

If you want an easily adjustable ankle strap which can still put good pressure on your rolled or swollen ankles, then this is the strap to purchase. You can choose how tight you want it so that sensitive areas can receive more pressure. Once the swelling is reduced, you can loosen the strap accordingly. The Velcro fasteners will ensure the strap doesn’t fall off as you wear it. This is suitable for gym use as you’re in the recovery period. Just don’t expect the strap to protect you from more severe injuries.

You have a couple of color choices available. As a bonus, a wrist bandage comes with the strap for free.



18) Liomor Plantar Fasciitis Pain Support For Ankles

Liomor Foot Sleeves For Plantar FasciitisThe Liomor Foot and Ankle Support is designed for people who have really big feet. If you’ve tried other braces and they’ve felt too tight, then you’ll want to try out the Liomor foot support. This ankle sock provides stability and support to people with oversized feet. Finally, you can wear a comfortable ankle sock which gives protection to the tendons and joints of your ankle and foot. If you’ve rolled your ankle, you’ll be able to workout again right away if you wear this brace. No more annoying downtime from the gym.

Don’t worry about reinjuring yourself because this ankle support brace helps prevent that from happening. During strenuous activities, it reduces the risk of getting injured because of the strong support it gives the ankle. If you’re already feeling pain or discomfort from a previous injury or condition, such as arthritis, sprains, or tendonitis, then you can find relief by wearing this brace. Due to the elasticity and moisture absorbent properties of the material, the brace won’t irritate or itch the skin underneath it. Air can pass through the fabric to cool off the skin, which also reduces the growth of odor and bacteria.

This brace is available in large and extra-large. You can use it for your right foot or left foot. The arch circumference goes as high as 12 inches to accommodate huge feet. This is larger than what most other braces can handle.


Important Considerations in Choosing an Ankle Brace

Personal preferences play a big role in which type of ankle support brace you will choose. You may pick a brace which is suitable for certain ankle injuries or one that is better for preventive purposes. So, you need to figure out why you want an ankle support and what ‘s most important to you. Here are some things to think about:

Picture of a woman wearing a brace while sitting1. Flexible or Rigid?

Ankle support braces are supposed to be simple to use, adjustable, and customizable. With many different braces on the market, chances are that you’ll find one which can alleviate the symptoms of your condition. The only exception is if you have a rare ankle issue and need a specialized ankle support brace. In most cases, a regular ankle support brace will work just fine. However, there are some braces which are not adjustable. Make sure you pick one that is adjustable and has plenty of flexibility.

2. Ease of Use

You’ll want to be able to put on your ankle support and take it off quickly and easily. Many braces have various straps and contraptions to make this happen. But sometimes they can be a little too complicated and will take up your time. If you want to save time, look for the higher end ankle braces. Even though they’re pricier, you’ll get what you pay for in terms of quality and speed.

3. Construction / Durability

Another important consideration: durability and firmness. The best materials for these attributes are spandex and nylon. You may even want one stronger material mixed in with those too. And if you’re worried about aesthetics, there are some braces which have vibrant colors and designs. Of course, this has no bearing on its effectiveness as a brace.

Types of Ankle Supports on the Market

Not all braces are made equal, especially when it comes to flexibility. When it comes to the construction of a brace, some brace designs are better at relieving pain related to chronic ankle injuries. But these don’t necessarily give you the best range of motion support as other braces on the market. So, you really need to look carefully at the features of each brace.


The lace-up ankle brace may be the first type ever made. The design can certainly help treat many different types of ankle injuries. Although, they’re not used as much anymore because of their rigidity. But if you want brace strapped to your ankle securely, then you will love the lace-up brace. Just don’t expect it to be too comfortable.

Picture of a man putting on an ankle strapStraps

Some braces come with straps which lock onto the heel of your foot to secure them in place. These types of braces are usually made from cloth, which means they’re lightweight and simple to fit on your foot. This isn’t the most therapeutic brace on the market, but they’re suitable for athletes who perform strenuous physical activity and need protection.


If you care about comfort, then you’ll want braces with sleeves. The only problem is that sleeve-based braces tend to feel loose. This might not be suitable for supporting injured ankles that need to heal. But if you want comfort, protection, and airflow to your ankles, then look for sleeve-based braces.


Hybrid braces are designed to be the most versatile. They can help alleviate the symptoms of virtually any type of affliction or injury. This is partially due to its construction which his customizable and adjustable. It is like having straps, sleeves, lace-ups, and stirrups all rolled into one brace. For this reason, the hybrid braces cost more than the others, but you’re also getting the benefits of the others too.


Stirrup-based braces are not as common as they previously were, but some people still like to use them. The reason they were replaced is that companies came out with more versatile designs to support numerous types of ankle issues. But still, stirrup braces can reduce discomfort and pain on a temporary basis because of their bladders that are filled with gel. You’re supposed to cool these bladders in a refrigerator or freezer prior to putting on the brace.

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