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The Top 4 Benefits of Wearing Weighted Vests

Sometimes having extra pounds on your body can be a good thing. It’s even better if you can control when those pounds are added and taken away. That is what a weighted vest can do for you.

Don’t be scared to use weighted vests because they aren’t heavy enough for you. In recent years, weighted vests have gone through a transformation. Now there are different weight level choices available for these vests to accommodate your own personal strength and abilities.

Okay, so why add artificial weight to your body? Well, it comes in handy during exercise routines. There are several health advantages to wearing a weighted vest while working out. 

The Top 4 Benefits to Wearing a Weighted Vest

1) Burn Fat Faster

High-intensity weight vest workouts can help you burn a lot of fat fast. Even though jogging and walking at a steady pace for hours can help sustain your heart health, it does very little for burning fast (according to several studies). You may burn a little extra fat from jogging or walking if you’re wearing a weighted vest, though.

However, anyone serious about quickly burning fat and building muscle should consider doing high-intensity resistance workouts with intervals. Whenever you do a high-intensity exercise, the cells of the body go through changes which stimulate the fat burning process.

You can increase the intensity of workouts by using the best weighted vests during exercise. This resistance against the body causes it to boost energy levels, which means it burns more calories to create energy. According to a study, if you wear a weighted vest and do a standing workout, you’ll burn an extra 12% of your calories.

Picture of a man wearing a weighted vest2) Build Strength in Bones and Muscles

When you wear a weighted vest and move around with it on, your muscles and bones are trained to support the extra weight. This causes your bones and muscles to get stronger, especially if you’re working out or performing an intense physical activity with the weighted vest on. Your bones generate additional mass in response to the extra strain that you’re putting on them. The result is denser bones, a stronger musculoskeletal system, and denser connective tissues.

A strong musculoskeletal system allows you to move and workout easier. Plus, you’re less likely to get injured because your body has better stability. Strong bones will even give you support when facing degenerative bone diseases.

3) More Cardiovascular Advantages

Cardiovascular exercises are great for enhancing the health of your cardiovascular system, especially your heart. These could be exercises like jogging, running, walking, and swimming. However, you can get an awesome cardiovascular workout doing other types of exercises too.

If you lift heavy weights, it causes your heart rate to increase fast. Sometimes shortness of breath might follow. This happens because your body consumes more energy trying to lift this weight.

Whenever your body demands more energy, it accelerates the cardiovascular system by boosting the strength of your lungs and heart. This allows you to consume oxygen at a faster rate than normal.

If you wear a weighted vest as you exercise, then this effect is accelerated even more. Your cardiovascular system basically gets a workout because the heart and lungs are under such demand for oxygen efficiency. Once this happens, other areas of your body will benefit from the training as well. And there are lots of types of weighted clothing in addition to weighted vests! We’ve got a great guide to the different types of weighted clothing here.

4) Increase Your Core Strength 

Adding extra weight over your torso region will work out your abdominal muscles. If your core is forced to carry a heavier load and maintain balance, then your abdominals are the first to get stressed.

The core is where our stabilizer muscles are located. They allow us to do simple things like bend over. But if you’re wearing a weighted vest, you’ll find these activities are harder to perform. That is okay though because it is merely training your core to become stronger. This will happen even more if you’re exercising and wearing the vest.

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