About Me

My name is Ben Breda, and I’ve been a health and fitness enthusiast my whole life. I’m a certified personal trainer and accomplished collegiate athlete in soccer, rowing, and track.

My fitness journey started when I was 3 years old. That might sound crazy, but read along to understand my journey.

As I’m sure many of you can relate, I was born with a bad anxiety disorder. As a child, my mother took me to tons of events where kids get to socialize through physical activity. That meant going to classes like Gymboree and joining recreational sports leagues. She quickly noticed that I was always extremely anxious around other kids. At Gymboree, I was so anxious that I couldn’t participate; I simply held on to my mom and cried. In rec league soccer, I also had a tough time making friends due to my anxiety. I wouldn’t even go down the slide at the playground.

It’s no surprise that as I grew older, my anxiety continued. In fact, anxiety spread across all facets of my life – school, work, sports, and more. As a teenager, I was a diligent student. It was common that I’d study 30+ hours for a single test, putting in more hours of study than all my classmates combined. But when I sat down for my test, I’d forget everything I learned and fail. I only had a few friends and was constantly picked on because I wasn’t “good” at anything.

Picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Anxiety clouded much of my youth like the sky on this day in my hometown, San Francisco. Exercise helped me find clarity.

My life started to change when I tried playing sports again. At 14 years old, fed up with how life was going, I tried something new. I signed up for my high school soccer team. By some stroke of good fortune, I made the team.

I quickly found that playing soccer actually seemed to reduce my anxiety and stress levels. Getting sweaty seemed like a natural stress reliever. On days when we didn’t have practice, I became my old anxious self. But on days when we did play, I felt relaxed! That feeling spread to other parts of my life – study, making friends, and putting myself out there more. My grades improved dramatically. I’d wake up and my heart rate was in the 60-70 beats per minute range, versus the 150+ I’d experienced otherwise.

Realizing that physical activity drove my anxiety levels down, and not wanting to suffer on days we had off from soccer, I started going to the gym regularly. My life started to change. I had FINALLY found the key to modulating my anxiety — it was all thanks to exercise!

Picture of Ben Breda (me) at the Great Wall in China

By the time I finished high school, I had rowed crew, ran track, played football and soccer, and even threw shot put. I got into a great college where I continued going to the gym, studying hard, and making new friends. By the time I was out of college, I had earned honors in my main track of study and had gotten a personal trainers certification.

Why did I start BestHealthGear? While I’ve found traditional forms of exercise like running and lifting weights to be foundational to a healthy life, not a lot of people know about some of the “weirder” health equipment out there. They simply stick to the mainstream. But as my journey shows, the same things aren’t right for all people. I want to reach the millions of people out there who are frustrated with conventional forms of exercise and are ready to give up. I want to motivate them in the same ways my mother motivated me. I want to educate my readers about health and fitness solutions that might just be the key that fixes everything.

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