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5 Awesome Benefits of Weighted Gloves

Professional boxing matches in real life are different than what you see in the movies. Real boxers always keep their hands up in a defensive position to protect their face from getting hit or to quickly throw some forward punches. They never keep their hands down by their sides because they’d be leaving their face open for an attack if they did.

Boxers move their fists regularly throughout a match. During each round, the average boxer throws between 40 and 80 punches. Of course, their weight class and fighting stance will influence the number of punches too. But if you’re a boxer who needs to train for 10 rounds of constant hand movements, then you’ll need to build your stamina. Weighted gloves are great for training to build stamina. Not only will you be able to keep your hands up for all 10 rounds, but you’ll also throw faster punches and harder punches.

Okay, so how do weighted gloves help?

What are Weighted Gloves?

Do not confuse weighted gloves with regular boxing gloves or training gloves. The only similarity is how weighted gloves wrap around your hands to secure them. However, when you go to throw a punch, weighted gloves won’t protect your hands as much as boxing gloves would. Even hand wraps would give your hands more protection. Therefore, do not use weighted gloves to hit a punching bag, speed bag, or anything else.

Each weighted glove has 2 to 3 pounds of weight inside the back of it. When you put these gloves on your hands, they cause extra weight to be added to the back of your hands. Regular boxing gloves don’t usually weigh more than 1 pound each, so they aren’t as heavy. Like all types of weighted clothing, the purpose of wearing weighted gloves is to train your hands to move faster by having them work against the weighted resistance. You should wear these gloves while doing cardiovascular exercises or while shadow boxing.

5 Benefits of Wearing Weighted Exercise Gloves

1) Speed Development

As previously mentioned, weighted gloves train your hands to move faster. When artificial weight is added to your hands, it will force you to push your body more than usual. As your body becomes accustomed to moving against the added resistance, your hands will move much faster once you take off the weighted gloves. And since regular training gloves don’t weigh more than 1 pound, your hands will still be faster when you put them on too. The idea is to practice various punching combinations and movements as the weighted gloves are on your hands. Then do the same thing again with the training gloves instead of the weighted gloves. You’ll notice a huge difference in your hand speed.

2) Feels Natural

You might think that training with dumbbells is cheaper and easier than purchasing weighted gloves. However, the problem with dumbbells is that you must hold them in your hands. If you make punching motions like this, your joints may get damaged and your overall form will be off.  Weighted gloves conform to the shape of your hands. This allows for even weight distribution with your punches, so the joints are not impacted too much. Plus, you can practice real boxing moves like blocking your face and throwing combination punches. These are not things you could do well with dumbbells in your hands.

3) Build Stamina & Strength

Due to the resistance added by the weighted gloves, your body will become exhausted much faster as you’re training with them on your hands. You might not think that a few extra pounds on each hand are a big deal, but it will be after you throw 500 punches in one training session.

When you first perform a shadowboxing workout with the weighted gloves on your hands, your arms will get tired quickly because they’re not used to the resistance. But as the weeks go on, your arm muscles will get used to the added weight. Meanwhile, you’ll develop more strength and stamina in those muscles. Just make sure you consume the proper number of calories per day too. As you grow stronger, you’ll punch harder. As you gain more stamina, your opponent will get tired faster than you will. Then you can still block punches and throw good punches while your opponent gets weaker.

4) Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

Weighted gloves give you so many benefits. Not only can they increase your strength, muscle mass, and speed, but they can also increase your cardiovascular endurance at the same time. As your body is pushed to its limit, more demand is placed on the cardiovascular system. Soon the cardiovascular system will adapt to these bigger demands if they become a regular experience.

When you put on standard boxing gloves afterward, you’ll barely notice any weight on your hands. This will make it easier to box in the ring for a longer time.

5) Jack Up Your Body’s Rate of Perceived Exertion

Credit: SB Fitness Magazine

The Cleveland Clinic has defined the Rate of Perceived Exertion, or RPE, as a scale for quantifying the level of difficulty to perform a certain exercise. A 0 to 10 scale is used to quantify this level, with 0 as very easy and 10 as very difficult. In this case, you’ll be using weighted gloves to push your body farther than its normal physical ability.

Let’s say you wear training gloves which weigh 1 pound each and you train with them for 30 minutes. On the RPE scale, you might give this a 7. Then you start training with the 3-pound weighted gloves and allow your musculoskeletal system to adapt to the changes. This increases your body’s overall performance. Now try putting on the 1-pound boxing gloves again and train with them for 30 minutes. On the RPE scale, the rating might be no more than 5.

If your physical activity is not as demanding, then your body can perform longer without needing a rest. When you train with weighted gloves, you’ll eventually train a lot harder, build more stamina than your opponents, and workout longer in the gym.

Parting Words

Now that you’ve read this article, I hope you have a much better idea of the benefits of wearing weighted gloves. The next step? Get your own pair! If you’re ready to take a look at some of our favorite gloves to boost your stamina, strength, and speed, click here.

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