3 Week Diet Review: Is the Three Week Diet Legit?

According to Markets Insider, obesity is the secondary cause of deaths in the United States. It comes with various health risks such as heart diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and gallbladder disease. These health conditions influence obese individuals to lose weight immediately to avoid unnecessary complications.

Timothy S. Church, an exercise researcher from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Los Angeles, stated in his 2011 research that the lack of physical activity is one of the principal culprits of excess body fats and obesity for individuals. The final reports from his study showed…

1960: One out of two Americans had a physically active job.

Today: One out of five Americans have a physically active job.

On average, this translates to an additional 120-140 calories that humans used to burn every day!!!

What is the 3 Week Diet?

The prevalence of the 3 Week Diet in today’s generation has been evident for several individuals who aim to lose pounds for a short amount of time. Brian Flatt, nutrition coach and author of the new diet plan, The 3 Week Diet, claimed that dieters lose 12 to 23 pounds in three weeks quickly compared to other time-consuming and inefficient diet plans.

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Flatt’s Three Week Diet program has four main approaches to help dieters to lose weight immediately.

  1. Identifying the inadequate and misleading information in other weight loss programs and supplies the primary keys to lose weight rapidly.
  2. Addressing food intake, what to eat, and preferred time to eat to get the maximum weight loss effect with the least effort.
  3. Supplementing changes in food consumption with a handful of fast and easy fat-burning exercises.
  4. Solidifying the critical mindset, discipline, and motivation that dieters should possess to keep up with the workout plan and their balanced diet.

How Does the 3 Week Diet Work?

Phase One: Liver Detoxification

The liver is the most massive internal organ in the human body. According to the WebMD, it is responsible for a variety of functions which includes nutrient processing, regulation of blood composition, destruction of old red blood cells, production of necessary chemicals for proper blood clotting, production of proteins and cholesterol, storage of minerals and vitamins, and removal of toxins. Breaking down nutrients and metabolizing the substances inside the body are some vital functions of the liver which aids individuals in losing weight. It identifies the good and bad nutrients inside the body to avoid toxic substances which can cause liver malfunction. Moreover, when the human liver clogged due to the excess amount of toxins, it will be inefficient in breaking down nutrients and fats. Individuals who strive to manage their weight should eliminate the excessive toxins inside their body to lose weight quickly.

In the three-week diet manual, Brian Flatt suggested that dieters should undergo the first phase or liver detoxification for seven days to remove the harmful toxins in the body. He implied the removal of toxic foods which put the liver at risk including foods with high levels of saturated fats, fast foods, and animal meats. Flatt also added that weight-watchers should also remove alcoholic beverages such as beer and red wine from their diet since it also influences the liver performance.

Furthermore, Flatt recommended that dieters should eat high-quality meals and organic foods rich in Vitamins A, C, and D such as lemons, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apple, and garlic to boost liver cleansing and detoxification. They should also choose the right smart supplements such as the B-group vitamins since they are essential in energy production and red blood cell formation.

Many people who tried the three-week diet system reported that they lose as much as ten pounds in a week by cutting fatty foods and alcohol.

Phase Two: Fasting

The next phase after detoxifying the liver is the fasting for 24 hours. It starts after the last meal of the dieter on the seventh day of the three-week diet review. According to Dr. Michael Mosley, the author of The Fast Diet books, during fasting, a person voluntarily withholds any food or liquid intake for health purposes and weight management. Numerous studies have suggested that fasting is “one of the most popular diet trends” over the globe. Some benefits of fasting include blood sugar control, blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol level improvement, brain function boost, and growth hormone secretion increase.

Phase Three: Fat Fast Diet

The next phase of the 3 Week Diet plan is the “Fat Fast Diet” which starts on a ninth day and lasts for three days. In this phase, the cleansing of the liver is progressive which eliminates the excessive toxins that contribute to the weight of individuals. Furthermore, the Fat Fast Diet includes a diet plan which contains 80% calories from fat. Nutritionists and experts believe that it is a fitness technique which “reset” the burning processes of the fat inside the human body.

The first proponent of the Fat Fast Diet is Dr. Robert Atkins, and the idea of the diet plan is the intake of 80-90% calories from fat while consuming 1,000 to 1,200 kcal a day for strictly three to five days only.

Phase Four: Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

The last step in the three-week diet system is the extended phase which starts from day 12 until day 21. It focuses on the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR, which is the minimum energy rate expenditure of an individual per unit time at rest, and the progressive restoration of the healthy, balanced diet of the weight-watcher.

Brian Flatt divided the fourth phase into two steps. The first step is learning how to calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate, and the second step is determining the number of allowable calories to take depending on the BMR of an individual.

Dieters stated that the nine-day phase is also efficient although they only lose at most five pounds of their body fat.

Benefits of the 3 Week Diet

  • Rapid Weight Loss

Experts concluded that the 3 Week Diet guarantees its clients to lose 12 to 23 pounds of body fat from different parts of the body in 21 days. According to Flatt, the most common question that interested individuals asked him is, “Isn’t losing weight this fast dangerous?” He believed that quickly shredding fats is not dangerous, but the opposite since the human body will function slower with the excess fats inside the body. These fats will also affect the heart functions due to the additional work that may strain one of the most vital organs of the body. Flatt added that the three-week diet system ensures a quick and safe weight loss without nutrients deprivation.

Dr. Michael Dansinger, nutrition consultant of the reality show The Biggest Loser, states that people can lose 20 pounds a week with a healthy diet and proper exercises.

  • Money Back Guarantee

The 3 Week Diet ensures that its client achieves their body goals over a span of 21 days. However, if the clients do not experience any weight loss, they can ask for a refund in Clickbank, an internet retailer of quality products, by sending them an email. Clickbank will issue 60-days money back guarantee to its client if the diet plan does not meet its purpose.

Price of the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is a radical diet plan which is only accessible in a digital version. Dieters can start off with the program by investing in the four manuals for only $47. Formerly, the cost of the three-week diet review is $97, but Brian Flatt decided to cut the amount so that many weight-watchers can afford and lose several pounds in 21 days. He also assured the purchasers that $47 costs lesser compared to monthly gym memberships and multiple sessions with a personal trainer. Furthermore, Flat added that he guarantees to return 100% of the money paid if they do not strip nine pounds or a single weight in three weeks.

What’s Included in the 3 Week Diet?

The 3 Week Diet System includes four manuals – introduction manual, diet manual, workout manual, and mind and motivation manual – which contains various methods to lose weight and boost the level of fitness of an individual. Here is an overview of the four guidebooks of the three-week diet review:

  • Introduction Manual

The Introduction Manual of the 3 Week Diet plan does not merely contain an overview of the system, but also the science behind weight gain. It also includes the variety of essential and nonessential nutrients which the human body produces such as fat, carbohydrates, protein, water, vitamins, and minerals. Flatt discussed in the manual the science behind each nutrient and the number of nutrients the body needs to increase its metabolism and lose body fat.

  • Diet Manual

The Diet Manual shows the dieters how to calculate body fat and how much protein they should intake to ensure that they maintain lean body mass and burn fat. Moreover, it also includes effective and fat-burning workout routines for every body type combined with a balanced meal to produce the incredible fat loss in a short amount of time.

  • Workout Manual

The third manual contains the essential bodyweight activities which aid the dieters to lose weight quickly. Specifically, the guidebook comprises exercises for individuals who are unable to go to the gym. Moreover, Flatt included some gym exercises and “no excuses” workout plans which take 20 minutes a day and three to four times a week for dieters. He re-iterated that burning fat does not depend on the number of hours a person stays in the gym, but on the intensity of the workout.

The Workout Manual of the 3 Week Diet system also includes the Midsection Miracle Workout which consists of the two exercises needed to achieve six-pack abs.

  • Mind and Motivation Manual

The balanced diet and the workout plans will not work if the dieter does not possess an internal motivation to attain the physical changes they want to achieve. The last guidebook, the Mind and Motivation Manual, teaches the dieter several valuable techniques, tips, tools, and “secrets” to keep their eyes on the prize and remain focuses for the entire three-week diet review.

The 3 Week Diet Review and Results

  • Maggie, 36 pounds

In the three-week diet review, Maggie lost 17 pounds in the first round of the three-week diet and 19 pounds on the second round. According to her, she followed the system to attain her ideal body build, and she also noticed several changes in her aside from the physical transformation. Maggie stated that she has more energy, clearer skin, less self-conscious, more confidence, and more attention from men.

  • Jenny Rose, 34 pounds

The weight of Jenny bothered her ever since, so she tried various ways to lose the extra weight including pills and supplements, green tea, and water with lime. She also avoided all kinds of sodas, fast foods, and fruit juices, ate plenty of organic foods, and did sprint exercises once or twice a week only to fail in the end. A friend of hers recommended the three-week diet through Facebook, but she refused to spend another buck for a weight loss program and believe the system. However, the three-week diet caught her attention since it had 60-days money back guarantee in case it does not work. Jenny had a difficult time exercising and keeping up on the first days of the diet plan, but she pursued when she saw her loose clothes and slim face. Jenny ended the first round with 16 pounds off and 18 pounds after the second round.

BestHealthGear Verdict: 5/5, An Excellent Program!

The 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt ensures dieters to lose weight immediately. It comes with several manuals that discuss precise points in distinct diets and workout plans. The three-week diet review allows the weight-watchers to measure their calorie count and choose their preferred exercises based on their body type.

Moreover, the three-week diet review has over hundreds of science-based research that supports healthy diet claims and efficient workout routines. It also comes with four different manuals with specific knowledge on the three-week diet review. The price of the all the guidebooks is inexpensive compared to gym memberships.

Do not forget to avail the three-week diet system of Brian Flatt to lose weight quickly!